After calling Barbara Bush an ‘amazing racist,’ a professor taunts critics: ‘I will never be fired’

Speak the truth and all hell breaks loose!

Barbara Bush was a generous and smart and amazing racist who, along with her husband, raised a war criminal,” Randa Jarrar wrote Tuesday night on Twitter, according to the Fresno Bee.

In another tweet, the professor wrote: “I’m happy the witch is dead. can’t wait for the rest of her family to fall to their demise the way 1.5 million iraqis have. byyyeeeeeee.”

Lest we forget what Barbara Bush said about Black Katrina victims:

We all should remember the deadly natural disaster, Hurricane Katrina in 2005, that affected millions of people, most of whom were Black and especially how relief efforts were badly mishandled by then president, George W. Bush. The fact that many victims of the deadly hurricane were Black was a fact not lost on Barbara Bush when she told the media that ‘how grateful the “underprivileged” Katrina victims should be for being displaced to Houston, where Bush has called home since leaving the White House in 1992’.

“And so many of the people in the [Houston Astrodome] here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this is working very well for them,” Bush said. As if they would prefer to live in an arena-turned-homeless shelter instead of their own homes.

Yes indeed, as you can see, Barbara Bush was all heart! That spiteful old bitch never knew how it felt to live in extreme poverty conditions. She never had to scratch and claw her way up from fry cook at McDonald’s to head cashier and still not make enough to cover rent, utilities, food, transportation, clothing and all the other necessities of life. And just because she could never empathize with those who had to live like this does not make her some sort of martyr just because she died. For fuck’s sake, the bitch died at the grand ole age of 92.

Many Black people were shot dead in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina for just trying to escape the rising waters and they never even lived to see 32, much less 92.

Five New Orleans police officers sentenced in hurricane Katrina killings

Four New Orleans police officers have been sentenced to decades in prison over the killing of two people and wounding of four others fleeing the massive flooding of the city by hurricane Katrina.

A fifth officer was sent to jail for his role in a web of fabrications to cover up the true circumstances of the shootings on the Danziger bridge in 2005. The shootings came to symbolise the behaviour of a police force regarded as out of control in the chaotic aftermath of the hurricane which claimed nearly 2,000 lives and flooded about 80% of New Orleans.

And shall we take a look at how Barbara Bush’s son, George W. Bush handled the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina?

Americans across the country were shocked by the television images they saw in Katrina’s immediate aftermath. People stood on rooftops waving their arms and pleading for help as the flood waters inundated their communities. Desperate folks in the Superdome appeared in heartbreaking TV interviews begging for aid in their time of need. Making matters worse was that 67 percent of New Orleans was African American and 30 percent of the residents were poor, creating the impression that the government was insensitive and neglectful of minorities and the less fortunate.

While all this was going on, the president of the United States remained aloof from the disaster. Day after day, George W. Bush continued a long-planned vacation at his 1,600-acre Prairie Chapel Ranch in Crawford, Texas, and his staff didn’t want to burden him with detailed information about the situation on the Gulf Coast. When Katrina made landfall, Bush had been on holiday at his ranch for 27 days, according to a tabulation kept by CBS News.

George W. Bush was certainly a chip off the ole racist block! George Bush could not even be bothered to cut an already extended vacation short long enough to take constructive measures to relieve the plight of those who were victims of a horrifying hurricane that destroyed lives and homes. But we must not speak ill of this deceased racist because she was white, rich, entitled and at one point was husband to an AmeriKKKan president and mother to another.

No one has a problem speaking ill of the dead when the dead happen to be Black. When a KKKop shoots an unarmed Black person to death, the first thing the ‘white’ owned media brings up is that the victim had a rap sheet. And even when the Black victim of a police-involved shooting does not have a rap sheet, the Black man or woman, according to the (in)justice system is still a very, very bad person who obviously deserved to die for why are there no grand jury indictments against killer KKKops?

But let someone call out a dead racist and even though there is no denying it, it is a case of ‘shoot the messenger’. Why? Because AmeriKKKa is synonymous with racism; from one end of this racist shithole to the other and there ain’t no getting around that fact.

I don’t give a damn about Barbara Bush. I don’t consider her to have been anything more than rich white trash because her contributions to the world, the world could have done without, most notably the Black people in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina could have certainly done without George W. Bush who wanted to remain willfully ignorant of their plight and those in Iraq would have been better off if they had never heard of George W. Bush who spouted lies about WMDs to start an illegal war that resulted in a destroyed country and millions dead. She raised a flaming liar whose lies cost millions of lives and now because she is worm food, we are to never say one bad word against her? Watch me!

Rest in piss, racist bitch! One dead, millions more of you to go!

Is Starbucks a racist company?

Support Black-owned businesses and you won’t find yourself getting arrested for entering a ‘white’ owned business. Starbucks is no different from any other ‘white’ owned establishment. So, if you want to boycott, boycott the next Black Panther movie. I dare you! Boycott McDonald’s. Boycott Walmart! Boycott Target! And so where do you shop when you’ve boycotted ‘white’ AmeriKKKa? Your own damn business, if you’d only save your money and invest it in yourselves! It is not a novel concept. The Chinese do it. The Mexicans do it. The Mexicans even have their own grocery stores and so do the Chinese. They’re not running inside Walmart.

Get a damn clue!

“Every single ‘white owned’ establishment is racist! But Black people cannot get that through their heads. Instead of spending their money at Black-owned businesses or saving their money to open up their own or for getting the hell out of this racist, corrupt empire in decline, they are running inside Starbucks expecting to get treated like the whites. They need to get real! It is no different from when Black people will patronize movie theaters just to see some fictitious shit on a screen that supposedly depicts them that’s been released by a racist company. We fall for the okie doke every single time! I’m getting tired of even trying to get through to people who are so dense, there’s not been an awakening in over 400 years!

There comes a point when you just have to realize that if people want to remain clueless, they will despite what you say.”

Kushite Empire

Another racist incident?  In America??  What a  Maybe black people need to support their own businesses more often.  That way we’re not begging to spend money with our oppressors so much.  Here’s a link to black owned coffee and tea shops.  Support black businesses!


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Trump says Stormy Daniels sketch is of a ‘nonexistent man’

Well if that is the case, I wonder why Donald Trump is seeking $20 million in damages from Daniels for violating terms of the non-disclosure agreement? Stormy Daniels has stated that she was threatened by a man in a parking lot to keep quiet about a sexual encounter with Donald Trump. If I had sex with Donald Trump, I would not need to be threatened to keep silent about it. I would not want anyone to know, myself included!

U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday denied the existence of a man portrayed in a sketch released by porn star Stormy Daniels, who said he warned her to stop discussing claims she had a sexual encounter with Trump.

Daniels, whose legal name is Stephanie Clifford, says she had sex with Trump in 2006 and is fighting a 2016 non-disclosure agreement arranged by Trump’s personal attorney, in which she was paid $130,000 to keep silent.

Here is a sketch of the man! The manager of a Philadelphia Starbucks found him and should claim the $131,000 reward that Daniels’ and her attorney offered as an incentive for finding what Trump has stated is a ‘nonexistent man.’ First, the sketch that prompted her to realize who this man was when he asked to use the restroom.

As usual, the BIG, SCARY BLACK MAN did it!

Now, here is the actual perpetrator of this most heinous act of attempting to reduce little ole porn star, Stormy Daniels, to silence about sex with America’s Draft-Dodger-In-Chief, Donald J. Trump.

“That’s him, officer! He’s here in my Starbucks in Philadelphia! Arrest THAT man!”

This is why the manager of a Philadelphia Starbucks called the cops because she had seen the sketch released by Stormy Daniels and her attorney and lo and behold, in walks the BIG, scary, lean, but fit  guy  depicted in the sketch and this guy ‘fit’ the very profile of ‘lean, but fit’ and terrifying.  And he had the audacity to ask to use the restroom, probably to try to re-conceal his identity since the sketch was released. But he is the one who attempted to intimidate Stormy Daniels into remaining silent about her alleged sexual encounter with Twitter-In-Chief, Donald J. Trump.

The hair was the same. The scruffy, unkempt beard was used to disguise distinguishing marks of any kind, such as tattoos or birthmarks that porn star, Stormy Daniels, might recognize . We can stop blaming this incident on ‘racial bias’ because the Starbucks employee was only doing her civic duty by calling the police on a suspected bully and we ALL know that bullying is a pet project of First ‘tramp’, Melania Trump, who when asked about how she reacted when she first heard the news that this ‘non-existent’ man had been arrested, she stated, “DEES and DAT!”

And now that this matter has been cleared up, the real reason why the Starbucks employee called the cops on this man, there is no need whatsoever to close 8,000  Starbucks  locations for ONE WHOLE AFTERNOON to focus on ‘racial bias’ training.

Starbucks did not say how many hours the stores would be shuttered on May 29, but the afternoon is the slowest time for Starbucks’ business.

Also, Shares in Starbucks closed UP 0.7 percent at $59.83 on Tuesday and are relatively unchanged in the week since the arrests. 

Well damn! All that publicity stemming from this arrest has actually been quite good for business. Hell! Starbucks has nothing to complain about because the shareholders are not missing a beat, the CEO still sits on his lofty perch and America’s caffeine addicted can no more miss out on their caffeine fix that enables them to rush to jobs they hate, than they can quit those jobs they hate.

All’s well that end’s well. Stormy Daniel’s threatening and menacing stalker allegedly sent by Trump’s hired thugs to silence her has been arrested and Starbucks’ earnings are going into overdrive while Starbucks’ employees at 8,000 locations  get a free afternoon to ‘goof off’. Ain’t America great?

Scars From History We Don’t Teach

Searingly on point!

An Aspergian's Chemical Romance

Razors are annoying
Cutting too much
Too little
Scarring the face, lost in the race
To achieve something
Four ugly scars on one side
Two on the other
It’s quite shameful
What could they say? Nothing?
Or everything?
The in between is the disaster
Politics are annoying
Cutting out too much of the poor
Cutting in too many rich
Scarring the face of the nation
Lost in the race for supremacy
We’ve become supremely decadent
Scars for the aborted, scars for the forgotten
Scars from the history we don’t teach

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Song of the Year

So true!

An Aspergian's Chemical Romance

The song of the year

Would be tears

Would be what could’ve been

And wasn’t done

The record of the year

Was that we care

Was that we’re equal

Even though some want walls

The artist of the year

Was everyone

Played for fools

Paying premium prices

For what the previous seller sold at half price

You know who I mean

He inspired many

A people

Now that’s gone

And the season of senseless silencing of black lives

Rolls on

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Two black men were arrested waiting at a Starbucks. Now the company, police are on the defensive.

This picture, I thought, was very interesting!

Dr Martin Luther King Jr., arrested at a lunch counter in 1958 for trying to eat lunch.
Two Black men trying to meet a business acquaintance at a Starbucks in 2018 were arrested. What has changed despite all the marches and protests? Not a damn thing!

Starbucks, which once asked baristas to start a conversation about race with customers, faces fierce criticism after two black men were arrested at a Philadelphia store, sparking accusations of racial profiling over what the company’s chief executive now calls a “reprehensible” incident.”

What is reprehensible about this is the fact that nothing has changed sixty years after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., was arrested and jailed for merely attempting to eat at a lunch counter. And some people have the nerve to claim that there was a “Civil Rights MOVEMENT.” Really? How so? Because from where I sit, it looks to me as though as descendants of slaves in AmeriKKKa, we are moving backwards in time. There has been no ‘movement’ forward out of racism, prejudice, bigotry, Jim Crow and hate.

I really don’t need to even say much in this post because the picture speaks for itself. However, there are calls to boycott Starbucks for what goes down every single day against descendants of slaves in this fucking shithole that was stolen from the Indians and built up on the backs of those who look like these men depicted in that picture. I don’t have to boycott Starbucks because I have never patronized Starbucks. Coffee ain’t that goddamn important! Fuck Starbucks!

This entire racist ass country needs to be boycotted. There is not one single ‘white’ owned establishment that is any different from this here Starbucks and we had damn well better be all about understanding this. Our skin color gets us followed around in every single store we go into. So, hell! Maybe, Amazon coming along and putting paid to brick and mortar stores might just be a ‘win-win’ for descendants of slaves seeing as how there’s no white sales clerk to follow us around online as we shop for a new pair of shoes. Maybe, I have been too hard on Amazon and online shopping unless they decide to stop delivery to so-called ‘Black neighborhoods’, then we got another problem. Damn! Maybe I should not have given them any ideas. Never mind, they would have eventually thought of it anyway. But since gentrification is now the law of the land, descendants of slaves are being pushed out into the suburbs and so, “ship my order Amazon!” “Ship my fucking order Target!”

And here the CEO of Starbucks, Kevin Johnson, has offered his ‘deepest apologies’ for the incident that was initiated by the ‘white’ Starbucks manager and so who do you think promptly shows up to arrest two Black men after a call from whitey? Why…SIX cops, of course and the white ones considered it to be their pleasure to place handcuffs on those two ‘thug’ Black men who were in Starbucks doing what? Sitting down and waiting for the other party to show up. Word is that they had requested to use the restroom and this was denied them since they had failed to purchase something. Now, if they had gone out back and pissed in the alley, the police would have been called about that and they would have been jailed for ‘public urination’. As usual, a ‘lose-lose’ situation for descendants of slaves.

Starbucks CEO, Kevin Johnson also had this to say:

“Our store manager never intended for these men to be arrested and this should never have escalated as it did.”

Is this clown for real?

“The manager then called 911 for assistance, the company said.”

What happens when you call 911? THE POLICE COME! But according to this clueless CEO of Starbucks, a nun and a priest, apparently, should show up when you call 911, not the KKKops! For the love of!!!! And this man is actually a CEO? Unbelievable! So, the manager calls 911 and reports that two Black men are in Starbucks, they asked to use the restroom, were told they could not. They then sit down to wait for the other party to arrive and this is deemed suspicious and so a call to 911 was initiated and yet the CEO states that the “manager never intended for these men to be arrested,” the manager just intended that the police should come and escort the men to a port-a-pot out back? Yeah! I’m buying that and if anybody else does, then I have some real nice beachfront property and it is smack dab in the middle of a desert. It’s beautiful! And should sell quick!

Descendants of slaves, for the love of gawd, put down those useless, lame ass, dusty ass protest signs and quit marching because your marching is in vain. You don’t know this by now? Plan on getting the hell out of here. If you have enough business sense to meet with someone in Starbucks or anywhere else for investment purposes, invest in your own ass to get the hell out of here! You will never be able to change a damn thing here. Your children will not thank you for ruining their lives by handing them to the ‘For Profit Prison Industrial Complex’. Nor will they thank you when they are shot at for simply asking for directions as was the case with this 14-year old child.

Brennan Walker, 14, said he was walking alone to school Thursday after he missed the bus. As he trekked the 4 miles to Rochester High School in Rochester Hills, he got lost and knocked on the doors of several houses, he said.

The teen said he went up to one home and knocked on the door a few times.

A woman came to the door, yelling at him, he told WDIV.

“I was trying to explain to that I wanted to get directions to go to my school,” he said. The man eventually came out with a shotgun and fired one shot at the teen who was running away.

The child was only asking directions and because ‘whites’ are so racist, they would shoot a child just because of the color of his skin? Indeed that white bastard in the above photo did shoot at that child! This child was only asking for directions and it was later revealed that the white bitch who answered the door told her husband, “Why would THOSE people be coming here?” Bitch! Ask your ancestors why the fuck we would be coming here. You have them to thank for why our dark-skinned asses are over here, you filthy, diseased, putrid, white whore!

Such as this is exactly why I hardly ever blog anymore because for the life of me, I cannot understand why I have not burst into flames every single time I turn on my computer and read such as this shit!

Descendants of slaves, do whatever you can to get the fuck out of here! That is another reason why I am not blogging as much because I am doing everything in MY power to get the fuck out of here! And I would advise you to do likewise. This shithole is done for and the ‘whites’ are trying, as usual, to blame everybody else for the shit that is now all up in their face. Read the poverty reports that are coming out of ‘Whitey Whiteville, USA’. They ain’t having a good ass day and as much as they try and pretend that descendants of slaves are all up on the dole, truth be told, it is their asses that are in line for starvation because Trump is busy sending bombs over to Syria and cutting the hell out of food stamps and when those ‘white’ meth heads cannot sell their food stamps for more meth and the ‘white’ heroin addicts can’t sell theirs for heroin, the fur is going to fly then. Not to mention that Trump is also demanding that all food stamp recipients submit to a piss test. And we ALL know those oxycontin-addicted whites, who are now shooting heroin, are going to fail those tests AND how! The moaning coming from Whitey Whiteville, USA is going to get even louder!

Descendants of slaves, get in a leaky goddamn boat, if you have to, but get the hell out! Black Lives Matter is not going to save you. The Black Panther is not going to save you! Marching and protesting is not going to save you because it most definitely has not thus far. What the hell do you have to lose? Your life, if you stay!

Get Out!” It’s NOT just a movie!

I Don’t Like Listening

A nonconformist after my own heart!

Pure gold, this is!

An Aspergian's Chemical Romance

I don’t like listening
At least not to you
The same ‘ok news, the same ‘ol
Breaking, boring news
It’s excruciating to bear
Pretending I care about celebrities
I couldn’t care less, whether they gained
Or lost
But their lives are pushed on me as real
Images barraged upon souls as if they were gods
They are mortals, no greater or less than I
So why aren’t people mimicking my wardrobe
Or getting tattoos of my name?
I haven’t sold out yet? No mixtape?
No record breaking single about gold chains?
No leaked sex tapes? No album cover
Adorned with spread legs and whiskey bottles?
I don’t have a crew of white fuckboys
Posting daily cringe videos on YouTube
There’s a lot of things I’m not
And a conformist is one of them
Standing on the outside of your inside
Is a life goal of mine
And might be the…

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Taken From Home

I want to just hit the re-blog button on everything you post because your poems hit deep and strike a chord!

An Aspergian's Chemical Romance

Pain of travel

No one cares

About the breathing

Time whips the human soul

Out of its body

Broken bones aren’t as weak

As the shattered mind




Aboard the oceans

Across the ships

Never to return home

Never to return

Peace and prosperity

White sands become the enemy

Yet white men

Become angels

To run was death

To live was death

Are we really free

When the sun bakes our voices

Are they really angels

Waving swords around our hearts

Mighty beats of our

Native drum

Beat so far

Beat so long

Beating forever

One day we’ll come home



Sands and blood

Nations undone

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Nothing Left To Say

Another direct hit!

Thank you!

An Aspergian's Chemical Romance

Violators will be prosecuted

Unless you’re rich and white

We’ll make light of your pitfalls

Hell, you might become president

Trespassing is for the victorious

But who wants to break the status quo

Certainly not Americans today

Certainly not humans today

Don’t tread on my heels, or stub my toe

I’m comfortable knowing nothing

And dying on my own

Work menial jobs and get paid minimum wage

It only exists cause there’s minimum rage

Bacon in these bills that nobody questions

Left, right, they’re not the ones to fault

It’s you

Tweeting and posting while blood spills away

Drinking and eating tomorrow away

Highway to hell but we’re okay with it

As long as we can get a selfie along the way

You’re breaking not just my heart, America

But my soul

And I have nothing left to say

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Donald Trump Is Just A Puppet

Every word: TRUTH!

An Aspergian's Chemical Romance


(While some of you may be angry, saddened, or disappointed at the election of Donald Trump, this is to let you know there are far bigger problems. He is just puppet in the grand scheme. I’m not pro-Trump or anti-Trump, but I am pro-truth.)

Having a second thoughts

about being American

Not talking about birthplace

or the black race

but what really

makes up this place

that we call home

where democracy reigns

what does it mean

to be free

when are lied to everyday

and we cannot see

that the “truth” poured upon us

is nothing but a lie

in every way

they say 9/11 was a tragedy

an attack on American values

I guess the white house

thought oil was more important

than all those lives that were lost

let me tell you

that the “war on terror”

doesn’t exist

it’s just a power trip

to keep you bewitched


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