It’s Just Another Day!

I feel the cold wind blow.
They’re calling for more snow.
A homeless person stumbles by.
The sight just makes me cry.

Their life is not so great.
No home. No dinner plate.
Just rags and aching feet.
And those like you they meet.

They’ve no island paradise.
No fruity drink with ice.
No glorious sunset to see.
They can’t afford the fee.

It’s just another day,
of trying to make a way.
No place to lay their head.
No permanent, stable bed.

Will I turn my back on them?
Console them with a hymn?
Shall I point out God is good?
I really don’t think I should.

Who knows if they believe.
Or could possibly conceive
of a deity high above,
who shows such lack of love.

I can’t justify my faith
when I see a homeless wraith.
No sermon could you preach.
No belief within my reach.

Tell the homeless about hell.
Don’t you know they live that tale?
With each day that brings defeat.
Because they’re not one of the elite.

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

7 thoughts on “It’s Just Another Day!

  1. For those who wish to reach a soul
    homeless bodies must be whole.

    Their hunger must be satisfied
    their shelter from the cold inside.

    But if all you give to them are prayers
    you’ve not ministered to any of their cares.

    They’re hungry, thirsty, cold and ill
    these needs come first, we must fulfill.


    • Hello Beej! And welcome!! I have put this blog up to continue to make a statement and to also continue to post about social issues that need to be put out there and not shoved under a rug. As you can see, I am just getting started and hope to rev it up before too long. I’ve got so much going on right now, I’m doing a juggling act. I will soon have media tools to use as soon as I can get everything going here. I’m kinda new at this, so bear with me. I promise you that it’ll get better!

      And thank you for coming here and being the first to find my new hang out spot!!!!

      Waving at Beej!!!!!!


  2. In the words of Marvin Gaye, “what’s going on?” The money that has been spent on seemingly endless wars could have housed every homeless person in America. The sheer waste is ludicrous especially when we’d rather be killing people than housing people. For the love of …!!!


    • Well..I am certainly glad that you liked it. I also like the fact that when a video is finished, it shows many others and I oftentimes find myself clicking on another one and then another one. I will be posting more of them. I just felt that Marvin Gaye’s music fits in so well with making my point.

      Bear with me Brian, I’m working it all out! New at this, but I’m gonna ‘git ‘er done’!!!! LOL!!!


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