Darkness And Despair

A dark cloud hangs over me.
The storms in my life are not hard to see.
The thunder is my anger, the rain..my tears.
Will the sun ever shine and take away my fears.

Inside this thundercloud, I see no hope.
Trapped in darkness and despair, I cannot cope.
I am so tired and ready to quit.
It’s wearing me down, bit by bit.

The choices I’ve made have all been bad.
My life’s nearly over and I’m so glad.
Pain and heartache will not let me rest.
Did I give it my all? Did I give it my best?

I’ve tried to be fair and failed many times.
Shall I be found guilty of committing such crimes?
If I am remembered for what I have done,
there’ll be none to weep for me, no..not one.

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

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