Gun Control vs. The Economy vs. The Deficit

Are we ever going to read about anything other than gun control? Is anything going to get done in Washington? What about the economy? And what CAN be done about the deficit? What about jobs? Hello!???

As far as I am concerned, regarding gun control, that ship has sailed and is no longer seen on the horizon. America can NOT be disarmed. We are armed to the teeth and no amount of regulation is going to change the fact that guns are readily available to any person with the cash to purchase one or two or three or…..

What we should be focused on is the fact that the economy is extremely sluggish. Wages are not rising to meet the cost of inflation. Gas prices are escalating again. The price of food is soaring as is everything else. We need to be focused on the economy and not solely on gun control. Yes, mass shootings are horrible and tragic, but there is no way to control who is going to go off and when. It’s just not possible. We can only hope that it does not happen again. Meanwhile, all eyes are diverted from the economy. The continued beating of the ‘gun’ drum is effectively overshadowing what should be a focus on the stagnant economy and that we are losing ground on the job stats. The unemployment rate rose in January from 7.8% to 7.9%. Did we ever really make it out of the Great Recession? And has the ‘low unemployment rate ship’ sailed also? Does anyone in congress know what the hell they are doing or do they even care?

5 thoughts on “Gun Control vs. The Economy vs. The Deficit

  1. so many are saying that nothing at all is happening when it comes to the economy recovering. untrue! yes it’s moving slowly forward and that’s just not good enough for some. that’s kind of easy to understand. the thing is fast swings offer nothing that is sustainable. slow steady recovery has a better chance of sustaining itself and bringing the economy back strong for all. a tree with shallow roots grows up fast and is toppled by a strong wind. a mighty oak’s root go deep and it grows slow and strong, able to stand against the storms that come to it.


  2. Actually, I find myself agreeing in part with what you wrote. I’m just concerned that we are going to sink instead of keeping our heads above water. I do realize that things take time to be turned around, but in the meantime, people are dying for lack of a job, lack of medical coverage, lack of a home, lack of enough food to eat and with storm after storm bearing down on many parts of the country, it does not bode well for people who are already down and out’side’.

    Not to mention that congress(for some time now) has been stonewalling and filibustering everything to pieces so that legislation is not getting passed that would in some way benefit those who really need help. Safety net program funding has been cut at a time when the need is at an all time high. People are desperate and desperate times call for desperate measures. We’r always going to have a deficit. That’s just the way it is. So, if they’ re going to print more money, at least put it to good use. That’s just how I see it.


    1. pro means for con means against, if progress moves us forward, what does congress do?

      during this time of need for desperate measures (using your words because they fit so well) the safety nets need a tighter weave, not a looser weave with larger gaps for the needy to fall through. the looser variety is what the folks holding the purse strings (the CONservative held house) are trying to set before the people. the safety nets are needed to get all the people through during the recovery but the government cannot make the jobs the people need to insure a strong recovery. those have to come from industry.

      what the government can do but in most cases won’t is make it more attractive for industry to operate within our borders keeping our jobs and dollars here available for our own people. it’s been the greed of industry that has taken the dollars, expendable cash out of our pockets and these folks (industry leaders) for the most part don’t understand that this lack of expendable cash in the pockets of the american people is what hurt our economy the most. they, the big wigs and ceo’s don’t care though as they got theirs and can always go live on their yachts in the cayman islands.


  3. but the government cannot make the jobs

    Brian, I understand that, but the government has tax incentives in place to keep jobs here in America, however, unmitigated greed and the ability to obtain cheap foreign labor is the crux of the matter. Even with the incentives put in play by the government, corporations are still outsourcing jobs or at least not returning them to America’s shores. Even my credit card company has outsourced its call center. If I have a dispute, I usually speak to someone who I cannot understand. I have nothing against people making a living in a foreign country. What I do have a problem with is the fact that if a company wants my business, then I certainly want to be able to understand their spokesperson when I call.

    We are competing on a global scale. There used to be a day when America produced doggone near everything and other countries basically bought from us. Now, it’s most the other way around. We stand in long lines to purchase products that were made somewhere else and yet, scream about the lack of jobs here. We don’t make a concerted effort to stand up against what is happening. We can’t look up from our smartphones long enough, or stop hating and blaming each other for our problems long enough to come together and try and work together to resolve our issues. Kinda like, what congress is doing. They’re playing and blaming while ‘Rome’ burns.

    it’s been the greed of industry that has taken the dollars,

    Unfortunately, that statement can be said of our congressional leaders because if I have a briefcase filled with money and an agenda, I can go to congress and pretty much get what I want, not so with the average American citizen. The greed of our congressional leaders play a big role in how far they have allowed the greedy corporate barons to run this country into the ground. Our elected leaders have raided the Social Security Trust Fund and now want to raise the retirement age so that people will never collect one penny of what they put into it. So, because of their mismanagement, the American people are going to be shortchanged over and over again and yet we vote this mess in over and over again.
    In my opinion, this ship called ‘America’ should be called, not necessarily the ‘Titantic’, but ‘Insanity’ because, like I stated, we vote the same mess in everytime. That is why we have ‘career politicians’. They pretend to fight with each other, but it’s all just a game to them because they’re all in on the bankrupting of America, but you can bet their coffers are as loaded as the corporate henchmen who drop bags of money in their lap to get their agenda passed. Sad state of affairs indeed.


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