It’s Been A Hell Of A Ride!

I’ve not been here that long.
But the change is just so wrong.

Why break what is not broken?
As many have thus spoken.

This used to be my hangout.
Where I could give a shoutout!

I’m at the ‘trough’, am I? your bleedin’ eye!

What the hell! I ain’t no sow!
I take my food to go!

Kindly tell me what you mean.
‘Cause I really ain’t so green.

I can see what’s up your skirt.
And no, I’m not a flirt!

If you’re intent on being a jerk!
Then this site for me won’t work!

I’ll take my pen and go!
You’ll miss me, this I know.

No need to ban my ass!
I’ll leave here with some class.

With my dignity intact.
I’m a lady. That’s a fact!

I’ll miss my dear friend Blue.
Erich and Phuggy too.

Charlieb, you stole my heart.
Beej and I, we love our art.

DS, you are the man!
And I’m your biggest fan!

Crackhead, what can I say?
Don’t smoke your life away!

Cheryl, you’re a naughty lass.
But to you, I give a pass.

MsCYPRAH and her fro.
She always steals the show.

I love you one and all!
And so I leave before I bawl!

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

5 thoughts on “It’s Been A Hell Of A Ride!

  1. I must say that it still rankles with me to have been considered ‘feeding at the trough’. In my opinion, that is just the ultimate in disrespect and I fail to find the humor in the ‘vine’ labeling people who are in a public discussion as doing such, ‘feeding at the trough’? The visual that I got was so beyond the end of enough for me, it’s ridiculous!


  2. I’ve been reading some of the emails sent to me by some friends on there and so I took a look at the site and read some article titles. It’s getting ugly in there. There are demands for polls to take place by administration. Someone is telling people to notify them when they change it back, others are calling for a ‘vinestrike’ of some sort. I couldn’t read much more than the headlines because the colors and font was giving me a headache. I couldn’t have stayed on the site if I wanted to. Geesh! It’s terrible!


  3. Shelby your poem is great, especially the comment on “the trough” which I believe is the most telling comment TPTB at Newsvine really feel about their members. They treat them like pigs they can throw slop to, and you just better be grateful for whatever slop you get from them or you will be banned! Great poem! Hope it gets wide promotion!


    1. Thanks Muck! I absolutely refuse to stay somewhere that considers it’s customers aka revenue earners, etc., a pig! That is a major insult that I will not tolerate. Nor will I tolerate others telling me to ‘suck it up’! And again, I look forward to reading your comments and thanks for the compliments!


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