No darkness. Only light.
Nothing’s dim. It’s all so bright.

No one’s hurting. No despair.
No crime. Love’s everywhere.

No tears and not one fear.
No drunks. No bottles of beer.

No heroin and no crack.
No employee got the sack.

No pain and no disease.
No asthma, not one wheeze.

No enemies, only friends.
No open wounds to cleanse.

No earthquakes. No mudslides.
No threatening ocean tides.

No radioactive mess.
No tainted food we bless.

No lies are ever told.
No human being is sold.

No wars are ever fought.
No fossil fuel is sought.

No poverty. Only wealth.
All secure and in good health.

‘Utopia’, where are you?
I wish I had a clue!

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

6 thoughts on “‘Utopia’

    • Well, you look great and I love what you wrote about yourself in your profile. I’ll be heading back that way in a bit. You’ve got so much great reading material for me. And I am an avid reader. I just got a bunch of books yesterday and I intend to spend tomorrow curled up in my recliner, just reading. I finally have a day that I can spend solely for me and I’ve decided to catch up on reading.


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