We Love Our Guns!

We can have all of these, but we can't have French cheese?

We can have all of these, but we can’t have French cheese?

And so we name and blame.
When we all should be ashamed.

We love our guns and God
and so we give a nod,
to all who buy a gun.
No, don’t just purchase one.

We need to arm ourselves.
No guns left on the shelves.

Criminals are the target.
They’re why we have a market.
No accounting for the cost.
Since no innocent lives are lost.

Oh really? Who just died?
And why have parents cried?

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

3 thoughts on “We Love Our Guns!

  1. now i’m not against the second amendment, but i do wish that part about “well regulated” could somehow be enforced.

    how can they claim to be responsible gun owners when they treat their guns as big boy toys?


  2. I’m not against the second amendment either. I just don’t get why many Americans feel that they need an arsenal and claim that it’s for ‘self protection’. A person does not need 30 assault weapons to defend their home. America is armed to the teeth and no amount of regulating can or will change that. That ship has sailed. I just don’t understand why people get all ‘up in arms'(no pun intended)when someone even mentions the word, ‘regulations’. It makes no sense when the majority of them have more guns than they can carry at any given time. People just find the damndest things to get all hyped up about. It’s ‘much ado about nothing’. And yet they don’t realize that:

    To some, a gun is a blessing in disguise.
    And to others, it is the cause of their demise.

    Tread carefully while locked and loaded, accidents DO happen.


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