Why Libertarians Have It All Wrong!

From what I understand, Libertarians are against anyone and anything that would infringe on their rights. It does not matter if that right is actually a privilege such as driving, that is a perceived right and therefore, it should not be confined by laws that state the speed limit for example. We should all just barrel down the highway at 110mph. And if by chance, we have an accident, well now..who is going to pay for that? According to many Libertarians, they are willing to foot the bill if you’re hospitalized or you die(and they’re at fault). Unfortunately, I don’t know of many people who can just pull hundreds of thousands of dollars out of their wallet or bank account and pay for expenses incurred because we have no laws in place that protect us from each other and the foolish and the criminal things we do.

I am the last person who would wish for ‘Big Brother’ to constantly be looking over my shoulder and all up in my business, life, etc., but there is a time and a place for everything and many instances government has had to intervene to right many wrongs that were previously thought to be right. Denying Black people the right to vote, striking down Jim Crow, desegregation of schools(although that seems to be on again what with public vs. private schools), voter registration laws. In my opinion, indvidual states should not be able to set their own requirements for voter registration. There should be an across the board system. States rights are all very well and good, but they should not supercede the laws enacted by the Federal Government.

Where my rights begin and yours end depends upon rather or not what you do impairs my right to be i.e., you ignoring the speed limit because you feel that it is your right to drive as fast as you want to. Also as long as I’m not stealing or robbing or murdering someone, I should have the right to live in relative peace. As for paying taxes, since we all use roadways, highways, bridges, it should be up to us to contribute to the upkeep. If you only use a dirt road to get where you’re going fine, but that does not mean that I use a dirt road and if you’re upset because you only use a dirt road to get around and you have to pay taxes for me to drive on a highway, that still does not excuse you from paying taxes because if you get ill and cannot drive yourself off your dirt road to seek help, an ambulance is going to have to get to you, so think of it this way. You’re actually paying taxes because for one, life always throws a curve ball and second, you never know what is going to happen and when you just might need what you’re not willing to pay for because you think it infringes on your rights.

2 thoughts on “Why Libertarians Have It All Wrong!

  1. That is so true and it is delusional thinking in my opinion. I’ve read comments where they would like to do away with the federal government completely. Seriously? I mean that is just pure, unmitigated foolishness. They want everyone drugged up and ramming into each other and if you need the police or the fire department, tough! Geesh! As bad as our society is now, I would want no part of THAT one! But hey! We can’t infringe on THEIR rights. To hell with OURS! eh? LOL


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