What Inspires Me To Write

I hate injustice in any form.
Suffering seems to be the norm.

I cannot in good consciousness ignore,
a homeless child’s perforating sore.

I have a problem sleeping at night
knowing that people are cold, it’s just not right.

When I hear of nursing home abuse,
for that to happen, there’s no excuse.

When a mother bears a child who’s killed by war.
I ask myself, “what’s it all for?”

A thirteen year old prostitute is in the news.
Another night of sleep, I’m going to lose.

Was I blind or just not aware?
Did I always not know or just didn’t care?

Could I have just awakened from a hundred year’s sleep?
To a sight that should make even that ole devil weep!

Tell me, have we always been this way?
Or is this the dawn of a terrible new day?

Help me to understand what’s wrong.
Hasn’t this been going on for far too long?

Wake me up from this nightmare I’m in.
People sunk into a hellhole of sin.

Tell me that you care for your fellow man.
That there’s nothing you won’t do for him, if you can.

If a child is hungry, feed her ’til she’s full.
Don’t say, “there’s no money.” You know that’s bull!

That man over there needs a hospital bed.
It’s been denied, his account’s in the red.

He’s not a CEO and that’s his bad.
Now, he’s dead and you’re not even sad.

Where are the flowers, spring showers and sunbeams?
Maybe, I’ll see them in future dreams.

Probably not, we’re all full of rot
and headed to that place that’s awfully hot!

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

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