Who Cares?

If you were down and out, what would you do?
Would your friends and family help or turn their back on you?

What about your church? Would it step up to the plate?
Or leave you high and dry and subject to your fate?

Who would really care if you lost your job?
Would they help you out or watch you sit and sob?

Who could you turn to in a time of great distress?
I have no idea and this I must confess.

Some say to pray alot and God will see you through.
Others say, if God don’t help, your prayers have been too few.

And yet, while you wait for bounty from above,
your friends and your neighbors don’t show you any love.

Is it all lip service when the going’s good?
They say that they would help you, but do you think they would?

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

2 thoughts on “Who Cares?

    • That’s exactly what I mean. The world would be a better place if there were more like YOU in it! I stand by that statement!

      I was also back on your blog and I found a poem of yours that just went straight to my heart(not that ALL of them don’t)but I left you a message on it saying that of all the poems of yours I’d read, that particular one especially stood out!


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