You Have Left Your Mark

To DC, an old dear friend, keep writing regardless of what they say....

To DC, an old dear friend, keep writing regardless of what they say….

The road may seem rough, the journey so long.
What should be right, is often so wrong.

We each think our thoughts and then write them down.
Only to be met with harsh words and a frown.

When all seems lost and we feel so weak,
the mighty wolf shall rise. She is not meek.

She will howl in the wind and race through the trees,
and she’ll do it with grace because she is at ease.

So, stand tall, be brave and let your heart soar.
Your friends are all here and ready to roar.

We all have your back, you are not alone.
You have left your mark, you’ll never be gone.

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

9 thoughts on “You Have Left Your Mark

    • I remember reading a post by him, he was going to cancel his account because of comments and many of us encouraged him to stay. Unfortunately, I did not know that the ‘she’ wolf was a ‘he’ wolf when I wrote this, but it mattered not because what we wrote encouraged him to stay. He may have seen it, I think.

      However, I can’t go back on the ‘vine’. What they’ve done to the format gives me a headache, it’s too big and glaring. Plus, I deleted everything and cancelled my account.


  1. Dear brother and sister. I deeply touched by the concern. Also, I’m grateful to have found you here. A nice safe place. Shelby ❤ Brian wado dinadanvtli !! I will not be a stranger!! Much peace and love.

    Your brother,



    • Stop in anytime Waya!! Love having you here! We shall be here!! Hope everything is going well. I just wanted to let everyone know that I have not forgotten them just because of what happened with the site. So, take care and hope to see you around!


      • I appreciate you doing that Brian as there are many people on that site that I will miss, most assuredly. However, the ‘vine’ will never say that I fed at the ‘trough’. That is just degrading and too demeaning for them to have ever considered naming the public discussion, a ‘trough’.


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