A Seriously Flawed ‘Justice’ System:Guilty While Innocent And Black

innocent black man 3innocent black man 2innocent black man
There have been 302 post-conviction DNA exonerations in the United States.

• The first DNA exoneration took place in 1989. Exonerations have been won in 36 states; since 2000, there have been 235 exonerations.

• 18 of the 302 people exonerated through DNA served time on death row. Another 16 were charged with capital crimes but not sentenced to death.

• The average length of time served by exonerees is 13.6 years. The total number of years served is approximately 4,036.

• The average age of exonerees at the time of their wrongful convictions was 27.

Races of the 302 exonerees:

188 African Americans
86 Caucasians
21 Latinos
2 Asian American
5 whose race is unknown

source:The Innocence Project-Facts On Post Conviction DNA Exonerations

What the above says about the criminal justice system in the U.S. is that it is anything but ‘just’ to say the least. I realize that no system is going to be perfect, however, the figures clearly show that racism plays a huge factor in wrongful convictions when African Americans make up over half of those exonerated and who have spent decades in prison for a crime they did not commit. It begs the question, just how many have been put to death who were innocent? Speaking for myself, I could not imagine heading(back in the day)to the electric chair knowing that I am innocent and about to die for a crime that I did not commit. Nor can I imagine heading to the ‘lethal injection chamber’ knowing that I am innocent all the while knowing that race most likely played a part in my conviction.

What the statistics say about Americans is that we are racist and we have no problem killing those we still consider inferior and are therefore, for the most part, completely willing to let them rot in jail or killed because of our racism. It is a shame that the criminal justice system is not interested in justice enough to go the extra mile to ensure that the accused actually committed the crime. Other organizations have stepped in to attempt to right wrongs perpetrated by the criminal justice system. But how can you give someone their life back after they have spent 35 years behind bars for a crime they did not commit? Compensate them? How can we compensate those who are dead?

“Two universities have compiled a registry that revealed more than 2,000 prisoners were incorrectly imprisoned for serious crimes since 1989. The astonishing news is more than half of the newly exonerated prisoners were African American, ”

Read more about black men exonerated | AT2W on:

Read more http://www.atoast2wealth.com/tag/black-men-exonerated/

Shocking statistics? I only wish that I could say, “I’m shocked!”

6 thoughts on “A Seriously Flawed ‘Justice’ System:Guilty While Innocent And Black

  1. what can be said
    as it just does no good.
    they keep lookin’ first
    at those in the hood.
    it’ll keep gettin’ worse
    now that’s what i fear
    and the answer to this
    just ain’t very near.
    injustice it seems
    will be ever with us
    ass we keep throwin’ innocents
    under the bus.


    • Your few words sums it all up, my friend! This just makes my blood boil. I seriously hate to think of all who have been put to death and were innocent. I cannot imagine rotting in jail and knowing that I am innocent. Not listened to when I state over and over again that I did not do it simply because our society, in its racist attitude and the prevalence of ‘you are guilty until proven innocent’ instead of ‘you are innocent until proved guilty’ and ‘we really don’t care if you are innocent or not because we hear it everyday, I’m innocent, I really am!” Unfortunately, those who really are innocent are paid no heed as that is considered the jailhouse mantra, “I’m innocent!” Newsflash, as has been proven, many are!!!


  2. The U.S. has a prison population larger than the 35 largest European countries combined. The incarceration rate in the U.S. is five times that of Great Britain-753 inmates per 100,000 compared to 151 inmates in the U.K. Even the British incarceration rate is high compared to some countries. 96 in France and 88 in Germany, for example beating former champions like Russia and South Africa.


    After the Civil War, prison populations in the south sky-rocketed- – mostly by the flow of newly freed slaves into correctional facilities as a result of the Black Codes, vagrancy laws and other policies specifically targeting them(much like the war on drugs today).

    Many southern businessmen acquired massive amounts of wealth by doing this.

    Although, the convict lease system was phased out across the country, through the 20th century, its legacy lived on not only in the continued disproportion of minorities in America’s prisons –which house over 2.3 million people, over two-thirds of them people of color –but also through private prison industry.

    ‘Justice’ in America? Not if you’re Black!


    • Indeed! As a country we have a long way to go especially when statistics point out that of the 2.3 million in prison, over two thirds are people of color and with the history of this country such as is, there is no doubt in my mind that racism plays a huge part in who gets convicted and how much time they are sentenced to serve. And we as a nation, are perfectly fine with this being the status quo, I am not and I will continue to post relevant stories about the seriousness of this situation.

      Thank you for your comment.


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