America, Poetically Speaking

no negroesAmerica-indian perspective
We want to build a nation on this here land.
No, that was not a question, it was a demand!

What’s that you say? You refuse to comply?
If that’s your answer, then you must die!

Kill the buffalo, destroy their food,
that’ll teach em. Now they’re screwed.

Damn! Not enough laborers, what do we do?
We’ll cross the ocean and enslave a few.

England, we don’t want taxation without representation.
We’re now Americans and this is our nation.

Lincoln, you can’t dictate to us.
We’re keeping our slaves, now enough of your fuss.

The Civil War is over and the slaves are free.
Yeah, let them think that, they’ll soon see.

You don’t like Jim Crow?
Then head back to Africa, or it’s to prison you go!

“What about the Statue of Liberty,?” you say?
To hell with that, only certain people get to stay!

No, the Indians didn’t demand green cards
and now many of them are in graveyards.

You think you’re going to get ahead?
Not if your skin is black, brown or red.

Capitalism is the name of our game.
We take what we want and we have no shame.

You have no health insurance? That’s your affair.
You think we’re concerned? You think we care?

We’re millionaires, billionaires, we don’t give a damn!
You’ve worked your eight hours, here’s 3 dollars, now scram!

Don’t think your vote will make a difference.
Politicians in office are just for appearance.

We’re a select group and we rule this planet.
Our will is strong and forged in granite.

Bow down to us and if you do not,
we’ll crush you with everything we’ve got!

Never forget, we’re the world’s police.
But do you really think what we want is world peace?

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

2 thoughts on “America, Poetically Speaking

  1. seems to me that you’ve brought 2 very different topics to this poem. you begin with the invasion of a selfish and bigoted people invading and treating other non-europeans as less than dogs. hey, for awhile they even treat other europeans, the irish and italians for example in the same manner.

    a ruling class having things their way, holding down individuals because they are different.

    at this point “Capitalism is the name of our game.” you jump to the second topic concerning the greed of corporate america. one that has become based on corporate standing rather than individual.

    a ruling class having things their way, holding down an entire nation because they harbor the cash to do so.

    well maybe the two parts aren’t totally disjointed from each other after all, just a graduation so to speak from the holding down of the individual to holding back an entire nation.

    and here, congress thinks that they are part of this greedy corporate new ruling class. their nothing but convenient tools that the greedy use along the way. and thanx to SCOTUS, them greedy corps are people too.


  2. I was trying to incorporate many facets of America, from its conception to present day. It’s not my best work, but it pretty much says what’s going on.

    I truly believe that a few are responsible for what is going on and no, I’m not talking about the ‘illuminati’ of which I’ve heard so much about. I’m speaking of the fact that we seem to be headed towards a ‘police’ state whether we want one or not. The erosion of our rights, free speech is taking a hit. We have as you say the SCOTUS with the ‘Citizens United’ and that is still beyond my comprehension that ‘money’ is speech. And where I am right now, they print a weekly paper of who was hauled off to jail and for what, and in many instances it is because of ‘obscene language’? WTF? So, they are basically locking people up for shouting obscenities and I distinctly remember reading about a cop who pulled someone over and they gave him the finger, he arrested them for that and the judge threw it out stating that “they were covered under free speech, the cop didn’t have to like it, but it was not an arrestable offense.

    Next, we have the video of the girl who gives the finger to a judge and gets 30 days, apologizes and gets out of jail. What is this? Discretionary ‘freedom of speech’ now?


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