Found A New Hangout

Before I left the vine, I told them that they weren’t the only game in town and obviously, many others felt that same way. Some posters who are still on the vine seem to be taking heat for posting on other sites. That is ridiculous. No site owns anybody and people have the right to post where they want to without having to take flack. Personally, I couldn’t give a rat’s ass, but other people aren’t as teflon coated as I am and are thus hurt by this. It is shameful the way people are disparaged for having the audacity to not like the New and Unimproved version of the vine. The owners of the vine dug themselves that hole and they can just take a flying leap into it, but not everyone was willing to jump. And they should just keep their sour grapes gabbing about it to themselves as they have no one but themselves to blame for the resulting mass exodus.

As far as I’m concerned with regards to the ‘vine’, good damn riddance!!

4 thoughts on “Found A New Hangout

  1. Shelby, you’re so right about that. I have a feeling they were not thinking at all, just wanted to maybe make it implode. It’s not like people DIDN’T object, we did, LOUD AND CLEAR. When I am not listened to, or responded to, it let’s me know that what I have to say is not worth them listening to. I thought that was the whole concept for the Vine. The only thing I posted there since the change over was a follow up to the older couple thing.

    I’m still finding my way around here, but I think I will stay. This feels comfortable, I feel like I am accepted here, and that feels good.


    1. Susan, I admit I miss the vine. There was nothing wrong that a few tweaks couldn’t have worked out, but to change the entire concept into a catastophic failure and then have those who know it’s mucked up, trying to tell others to suck it up, put our big boy/girl pants on and deal with it is just disingenuous. When if not for the revenue that they are losing with the mass exodus taking place, they would be saying the same thing we are. That it sucks and sucks big time.
      People have already been saying that the place is like a ghosttown, I believe it because many are at the new site. I know that some have kept their accounts open, but they probably don’t participate much there anymore. Whoever thought that new mess would be a hit, especially after the testers told them it was a bad idea, need to have their head examined. Seriously!

      Thank you for your comment!


  2. Hi Shelby! I too am a former Newsviner now also on The NewsTalkers. I will be sending you a FR as soon as I get over to that site. Just wanted to say, great article/blog here! Hope you get a chance to read a few of mine on the subject of Newsvine and the changes that have taken place there. To bad they decided to sabotage their own site! You take care!


    1. Thanks Muck! You already know how I feel about the changes on the vine as I’ve been very ‘vocal’ about it. I remember when they banned you and yet, they kept your articles up, thus generating revenue because your pages kept getting hits, not to mention that one of your friends posted an article about how ‘Bruce(s) are always getting banned’ or something to that effect and that one generated a lot of traffic.

      I shall indeed check your blogs out. I’m sure they’ll make for interesting reading. See ya around WordPress and who the hell knows where else.

      And thanks for stopping in. Much appreciated.


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