Stop The Dilution of History!

Yes, history is ugly! It is not a pretty sight when people are killed because the land that they stand on is coveted even by those who have been religiously told, “thou shall not covet(not just thy neighbor’s wife, but anything)!” Easier preached than praticed, quite obviously. Since the Europeans basically came to this land now known as America, killed many of its original inhabitants, the Indians and then proceeded to steal the land after having broken treaty upon treaty. And all of this was glorified by Hollywood in the guise of films portraying the Indians as the bad guys and the killers and stealers of land as the good guys. Way to go! After you commit genocide, then glorify it and keep it out of the history books as much as possible.

Next up, we have the slaves stolen from Africa and now we are to believe that African tribal chiefs sold other Africans into slavery. That is bunk! But for the sake of argument, let’s say there’s some foundation in it. If someone is attempting to sell me a human being am I not just as guilty and not exempt from being a low-life if I purchase the human being sold to me? Exactly! And just why were the Europeans in Africa to begin with? Did they get a trans-atlantic telephone call from the African chiefs asking them to come and purchase people? Oh, that’s right, the Europeans were in Africa spreading ‘christianity’. Well, if what they spread was ‘christianity’, I want no part of it. Because what resulted in such ‘christian’ behavior was enslavement, rape, torture, subjugation, demeaning acts perpetrated on another human being, whippings, lashings, pedophilia, molestation and the list goes on and on. And can you believe it? Even our so-called ‘founding fathers’ are guilty of committing these atrocities. But, we should all just get over it, shouldn’t we? It was just a sign of the times, right?!! Because history has a way of repeating itself, lest we forget the atrocities carried out in the name of ‘religion’ or just because they could.

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