Two Dirty Words:Liberal & Entitlements

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Politically speaking, I consider myself to be, liberal. Damn..shut my mouth!! I said a..shhh..dirty word. Yes, it seems that we cannot be ‘liberal’ anymore and here I thought that ‘liberal’ meant that I was broad minded, open to new ideas. So when and why did ‘liberal’ become a dirty word? When ‘conservatives’ said so. Or should I say, when the ‘christian conservative family values party’ said so. You know the one, they’re always in the news for acting more broadminded to the point that they’re open to new ‘affairs’ than any actual ‘liberal’ I’ve ever met. You see, I may be liberal in my political thinking, but in every other aspect of my life, I am totally conservative. I dress conservatively. My social ethics are conservative, not that I’m endlessly yelling about how someone else should behave in their bedroom or behind any other closed door. What someone else does has absolutely nothing to do with me, just so long as they are not infringing on my right You see, I believe that we can co-exist regardless of what our sexual orientation is. Live and let live. It’s that simple.

Next up, we have the other really dirty word that’s been bandied about quite abit. That mean old ‘entitlement’ word. Now, back in the day, when I thought of an entitlement, I thought of someone who had never worked for anything and just had everything handed to them. Sort of like when a parent hands a business down to the kids who never really learned a work ethic. They were just handed the keys to the business, a handy Trust Fund was set up for them and they were on their way. Entitled to everything a handed down fortune could bring. I never equated ‘entitlement’ with something that someone worked hard for and actually put into a system, a sort of ‘pool’ that is to enable those in their golden years to have something to fall back on if one of life’s blips happened. I never thought of Social Security and Medicare as entitlements especially since anyone who has worked since January 1, 1937 has been paying into Social Security. Not to forget that Medicare(implemented into law in 1965) is also paid for by payroll deductions. Again, taken out of our paycheck(for the more dense among us).

I guess now that many Baby Boomers are set to retire, it is time to shame them into thinking they’re not ‘entitled’ to that money that they’ve worked hard for and that should be there to help them out in their retirement. So instead, the government wants to increase the full retirement age to 70, hoping you die at your desk so you don’t collect on that ‘entitlement’ that was taken out of each and every one of your paychecks for 30, 35, 40 or more years. Just because almost each Administration used the Social Security Surplus as if it were their own personal credit card and raided it, why should you have a problem with that? It was only YOUR money! After all, entitlements are for those who were born with a silver spoon in their mouth and we call them ‘Trust Fund babies’ not ‘Baby Boomers. Right? Wrong!

2 thoughts on “Two Dirty Words:Liberal & Entitlements

  1. Love your strong opinions, but I hope you do not mind that I will respectfully disagree with you. Well first of all, when you talked about entitlements, you mentioned or implied how children who have parents with successful businesses have no work ethic and have had a handy trust fund. Well I am pretty sure you have no numbers to back up that argument about work ethic. It seems you seem to resent these type of people. Why is that? What is wrong with passing on a successful business down to one’s children? Is that not what all parents want? Just because some children are not as lucky as others does not mean that they have no work ethic.
    You also mentioned how people have paid into government programs have the right to their money. Find me one politician that has said Americans are not entitled to government programs. That is not the problem; the problem is that too much money is being taken out. This is more money than what is being put in. The government is borrowing 46 cents for every dollar that it is spending.


    1. By all means, I expect to see those who disagree with me, quite obviously.

      you mentioned or implied how children who have parents with successful businesses have no work ethic and have had a handy trust fund

      Let’s take a look at some figures:

      But a new report claims that the story of self-made wealth on the Forbes list is just that – a story. The report, from the left-leaning United for a Fair Economy, says that 40 percent of the Forbes 400 richest Americans inherited a “sizeable asset from a spouse or family member.”

      The truth is that Americans have never had an equal opportunity to become wealthy. Rather than concocting fables about our ‘opportunity society,’ the editors of Forbes should be examining the birthright privileges enjoyed by many of those on the list,” the report stated.

      How do you define “self-made” wealth? Can you inherit your dad’s company and still be self-made?

      The report says 22 percent of the list were born on first base: they came from a comfortable but not rich background and might have received some start-up capital from a family member.

      Only 11.5 percent were born on second base, the report says. Second base is defined as people who inherited a medium sized company or more than $1 million or got “substantial” start-up capital from a business or family member.

      The report says 7 percent were born on third base, inheriting more than $50 million in wealth or a big company.

      The report says 21 percent were born on home plate, inheriting enough money to make the list.

      Did the Forbes 400 Billionaires Really ‘Build That’?

      My point is that there are many who did indeed have their fortunes handed down to them. So, how can they have a ‘work ethic’ when they never had to ‘work’ for it? There are those who were ‘lucky’ enough to get start-up capital from a wealthy relative. I am not stating that it is wrong for people to inherit money. I was merely stating what my thoughts are on what the word ‘entitled’ or ‘entitlement’ or ‘entitlements’ meant to me growing up in the era in which I did. We all have a different point of view and we all have a different definition of what some words mean, that is fine. But to now seemingly ‘demonize’ the word entitlements just when the Baby Boomers are starting to retire and to focus on raising the retirement age and in my opinion ‘shaming’ people by referring to Social Security as ‘entitlements’ is disingenuous to say the least.

      Find me one politician that has said Americans are not entitled to government programs. That is not the problem; the problem is that too much money is being taken out. This is more money than what is being put in. The government is borrowing 46 cents for every dollar that it is spending.

      You never heard of Ron Paul? Politicians by the very fact that they seem hell bent on raising the retirement age are trying to deny Social Security benefits to large segment of the population. By attempting to raise the retirment age to 70, African Americans have a lower life expectancy rate than their white counterparts.

      Whites in the United States have typically lived longer on average than blacks, but a new study released on Tuesday suggests that gap in life expectancy may be shrinking.

      average lifespan increased among all groups. In men, it rose from 75.3 years to 76.2 for whites and from 68.8 to 70.8 for blacks. The greater increase among black men meant that the gap shrank from a difference of 6.5 years of expected life to 5.4 years.

      Life expectancy also grew from 80.3 years to 81.2 in white women and from 75.7 to 77.5 in black women – a difference of 4.6 years in 2003 compared to 3.7 years in 2008.

      So, even though, statistical data show that African Americans life expectancy has increased, as you can see for African American men, their life expectancy is still at 70.8 years. If the retirement age is raised, what does that mean for them?

      Since it is the Federal government that created this problem, the ‘fix’ should not be on those who have paid into the system and who will most likely not see a dime. And I did mention that Social Security was raided by the Federal government, so how is that a fault of the American citizen and not the fault of the Federal government? Billions of dollars are still flowing into Social Security each day, however I am aware that the greater population of the United States is aging and therefore, due to retire enmass. It is not like the Federal government did not know this and yet, used the Social Security Surplus by putting it into the general fund and spending any way they chose.

      Q: Are you still in favor of abolishing Social Security?
      A: Yes, but not overnight. As a matter of fact, my program’s the only one that is going to be able to take care of the elderly. I’d like to get the young people out of it, just the younger generation, because there’s no money there, and they’re going to have to pay 50 years and they’re not going to get anything. I’d take care of all the elderly, all those who are dependent, but I would save the money from this wild spending oversea

      The above quote was by Ron Paul, a recent republican candidate for the presidency.


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