Will We Ever Wake Up?

I quite often find myself wondering why I write on social issues and about stories that are filled with people in despair and stories that are also controversial. I write them because life is controversial and for so many, filled with despair. It is not merely from reading the news that prompts me to write. I take a look around and see the despair, the hopelessness everywhere. It doesn’t matter if I’m in a big city or a rural area, I see the same look, the same expression. Being a sensitive person, seeing the suffering of others really moves me. I have often wished that I was a billionaire, not so that I could laze in the sun on some island paradise and order the most expensive champagnes and other fine wines and exotic foods, but so that I could do something totally useful with the money. Because let’ face it, love does not make the world go around. There’s not much of that left. Only money gets anything done. And so much is needed to get done and so much money is needed to get it done.

The donations that I give are just a drop in the bucket, not even noticeable because the need is so great. So many people are suffering. So many lack healthcare and the basic necessities of life. I think to myself, who do I feel more sorry for, people like me who knew of a time when life seemed so much more simpler than it does today or those who are born in this time and will never know what is only a pleasant memory for me. I believe that it is worse for me because it saddens me when I look around and see the selfishness, the materialistic nature of us, the fact that we care more about our things than we do each other. It is amazing that we have the technology that we have and instead of it being used for good, it is used to spread more hate, more quickly and continuously. It is unbelievable that we have the tools at our disposal to help one another by connecting instantaneously and yet, we bully people from across thousands of miles. We make assignations with people and then kill them. We shame former lovers who we think did us wrong by posting information about them on websites. We eat up what is fed to us on television and in movies. Young girls are starving themselves to look like models in magazines. Older women are submitting to the knife and the needle to keep old age at bay. We are innundated with ads that tell us what is beautiful and how much we should weigh, what we should wear, how we should style our hair. We make idols out of Hollywood gutter trash. We put them on pedestals and try and emulate them.

There is indeed something inherently wrong with us when we would rather hurt each other, hurl filthy words at each, fight with our own family members over statements made on a social website, than sit at a table and be glad we’re all together and alive. Whatever happened to family togetherness? When we have one person texting, another watching a movie, another one playing video games and all of this is happening while they’re eating dinner. While we are concentrated on our toys, on the passage of time, we pay no heed. And the beat goes on….

4 thoughts on “Will We Ever Wake Up?

  1. here you go shelby, haven’t even put it on my own site yet.

    They’re red and they’re yellow
    they’re white and they’re black,
    and for these differences alone
    we oft turn our back?

    What’s wrong with us people
    is it that we just cannot see,
    they’re just common folks
    they’re like you and like me.

    Some are gay and some straight
    some disabled as well
    and when they’re not quite like us
    it seems we often repel.

    Some are skinny some fat
    and some are not so good looking,
    but if you look deep inside
    you’ll find something stunning.

    They’re just people like us,
    inside we’re the same.
    We’ve all been born of a woman
    and given a name.

    We must give each a chance
    from the very first start
    looking past their outsides
    and search for their heart.

    The heart has a habit
    that will often reveal
    the innermost person
    the one with appeal.


    • Brian, that is indeed beautiful. I am so glad that you posted it here as it fits right in with what I have written. You have certainly worded it more eloquently than I have. I tip my hat to you! Good to see you my friend and as always, you’re in good form.


      • last sunday i saw a clip and the one thing that stood out most was the picture of a man, from the back holding a sign. “don’t turn your back on your loved ones” and on the back of his jacket was the word homo. i knew immediately that i was going to write something as it struck me hard as very important. wrote it wednesday morning.


  2. Brian, sadly…we hate people because of things they cannot change. We have intolerance for one another. We call this a ‘chistian’ nation and yet, if the ‘christian’s ‘ ‘Jesus’ came back as a homeless person instead of driving a Cadillac Escalade or a Ferrari and living in a McMansion, he’d be jailed. We all know that! I don’t know why we pretend that we actually give a damn when it is blatantly obvious by our actions that we don’t. How we can let our fellow human beings wallow in homelessness, hunger and ill health, all while screaming how righteous and ‘christian’ we are just makes us ridiculous!


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