Why So Many Of Us Hate Change

I admit it! I hate change! And, yes I know that the only ‘constant is change’, but be that as it may, I still hate change. I think that the reason why we hate change is because it is the unknown. It is not what we are used to. We want to cling to what we are comfortable with. We don’t want something to change that which would take us out of our ‘comfort zone’. The unknown can be a scary and frightening place to be and so we don’t want to go there. Some of us are led kicking and screaming toward change, but change is inevitable.

When we were little and were not of an age to go to school. We either stayed home with our mom or we were left in the care of family members or friends of family. So, we were comfortable with that. That first day of kindergarten or pre-school for many, was an overwhelming experience. “Who are all these people? What is this place? This is not familiar! And where are you going mom?” These questions and many more like them were most likely asked. I am quite sure that many mothers tried to prepare their children for that first day, but there is just no way that a change of that magnitude is going to go over well with most children. Those who had stayed home with their mothers, their mothers probably cried because it was a change for them not having their child home and thinking that he or she would not receive the same care that mom would give them.

Just as moving or changing schools or changing jobs is a scary undertaking. We are afraid because we will be the ‘new’ person. Everyone else is already known to everyone else. Will we fit in? Will we be liked? Will we make friends? Will we adapt? Yes, yes, yes and yes because we have to. Think of how many opportunities we miss out on if we never branch out and try something different. Think of what we could have accomplished if we’d only stepped out of our ‘comfort zone’ and forged ahead. I’ve heard the saying that “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” But fear can be paralyzing. Conquering our fear takes strength and courage and only through finding that resolve, the firm determination to go through with something is what will enable us to overcome our paralysis and adapt to accepting change.

We humans have been adapting and evolving and going through change since time began. Some changes have been subtle, while others have been quite obvious. Some we are aware of and some we later acknowledge because we find that our personality, our beliefs, our values, our core principles have changed or it could be something as simple as changing what has always been our favorite color. Just recognize it for what it is, the inevitableness of life or in other words, change and just realize, we can’t escape it. So, challenge yourself, think outside the box and take a giant step into the unknown. Throw the chains of fear off and embrace change.

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