“Attention! HUD(Housing and Urban Development)Employees, Do You Live Like This?

buckets of waterno kitchenroof collapse 2roof collapse 1
The pictures are extremely revealing as to how taxpayer money is being thrown at slumlords who are receiving subsidies and who are not keeping their units up to code. This is just one instance among millions. HUD employees would NOT live like this and yet, they have no problem with others who must. Partial roof collapses are serious and to have this occur shows a lack of preventive maintenance inspite of escalating rent.

The people who lived in the unit were not forced to leave until after another tenant contacted the Fire Department and apprised them of the situation. They were dispatched, went through the building and not only condemned that unit, but condemned nine others. The management of this apartment complex had no problem with the tenants living in this unit not having a kitchen sink and half of their apartment destroyed. As you can see, buckets were still capturing the water that was seeping from the roof leak. The floor coverings had to be taken up as it was carpeted and drenched. Management should have known better and yet, it took the Fire Department to condemn the units and initiate repairs which included new roofs for not one, not two, but six buildings in this particular complex. Each building was receiving HUD subsidies.

After reading the bio of Shaun Donovan, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development about his…well..I’ll let you read it for yourself…

Secretary Shaun Donovan

On January 26, 2009, Shaun Donovan was sworn in as the 15th United States Secretary for Housing and Urban Development.

He has devoted his career to ensuring access to safe, decent, and affordable housing, and has continued that effort in the Obama Administration. Secretary Donovan believes that America’s homes are the foundation for family, safe neighborhoods, good schools, and job creation.

His tenure as HUD Secretary has reflected his commitment to making quality housing possible for every American. Sworn in at a time when the foreclosure crisis had devastated American families, under Secretary Donovan’s leadership HUD has helped stabilize the housing market and worked to keep responsible families in their homes. The agency has instituted reforms that have solidified the Federal Housing Administration’s financial position and protected the taxpayer

…looks really good in print, but the reality is anything but and those who work at HUD, including Secretary Donovan know this.

This is really good PR!
I am sure that the homeless person in this photo op for Public Relations was warmed and comforted by the knowledge that Secretary Donovan deigned to notice him without a home. Although, to be fair…maybe, just maybe..Secretary Donovan was about to offer him an apartment just like the one shown in the pictures above. After all, the homeless person would be INside, well..wouldn’t he?
shaun & homeless

…and so I ask of HUD employees, are you willing to trade YOUR homes for the safe, sanitary and decent dwelling pictured at the top of this blog? I didn’t think so!

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