This Apartment Has Lots Of Am’ant’ities

ants 1 As you can see, this HUD subsidized apartment comes complete with its own ‘ant’ colony. All set up and waiting for you. It even passed inspection, so you don’t have to worry if they are those nasty, vicious ‘fire ants’. These are just your harmless, garden variety type.

bathroom ceiling one< Here, we have an extra bonus! A detachable bathroom ceiling just in case your water pressure is not enough, the upstairs tenants have no problem sharing their bath water with you. As it cascades down on you, enjoy the exhilarating feeling of someone else's filth. Just keep plenty of soap handy and remember this did pass inspection, so I'm sure there is nothing to worry about as far as infectious diseases from the upstairs tenant is concerned.

tub with ladder< This unit also comes with a ladder in your tub and according to the tenant who was in the unit, they did not know whether to treat it as a 'Wisconsin Dells' water splash adventure or what. They just know that it took over a month to turn their bathroom from a 'theme park' like atmosphere into a bathroom again.

In all seriousness, this is not how people should live. This unit did not have a 'Certificate of Occupancy' which is required in order for a HUD Section 8 Voucher to be issued, in other words, this was an 'unlawful occupancy'. The tenant who occupied this unit has paperwork from the City Inspections Division and Tenant Landlord Court declaring the unit unsafe due to electrical hazards and serious plumbing issues.

So HUD, is this really the best that your agency can do to ensure that people who are clients of your program are in safe, decent and sanitary housing, not to mention passed 'Housing Quality Standards' and is this the best that you can do with regards to making sure that taxpayer money is not ending up in the coffers of slumlords? Because from where I sit, it doesn't look like it.

Footnote:I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who are sharing their Housing and Urban Development related stories with me. I will continue to keep this in the spotlight.

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