Why must we seek to destroy each other?
Why not simply live in peace with our brother?

Why does hate consume our very soul?
Like a hot, smouldering fire, deeper than the blackest hole.

Why is there no love in every human heart?
How can we find it? Do we know where to start?

Why are we so callous and indifferent to suffering?
We hurl hateful words, never once are we stuttering.

Why make weapons that kill indiscriminately?
In the name of a group, or act, independently.

Why must we continue to be our own worst enemy?
As with great relish, stoke the flames of hostility.

Why will we never learn that we are all unique?
Why is the outlook for our future so damn bleak?

Why does one show such enmity for another?
Why can we not love? Too much of a bother?

Why can I find no hope for tomorrow?
WHY?! WHy?! Why? The echo is so hollow!

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

The Boston Marathon bombing was a horrible tragedy! The above poem was written for the innocent victims, their family and friends. My heart goes out to each and every one of them! And also for those who did all they could to help! Words simply fail me in trying to figure out why or how any human being could do this to another!

7 thoughts on ““Why?!”

  1. I tend to have a habit of checking out archived posts from people I follow. I really enjoyed this poem. While it was written about the Boston Marathon, I could see this being universal. You’re certainly a talented poet. I’ve been doing my best to write some more poetry and not just the stuff for my spoken word project.

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    1. Ospreyshire, I had quite forgotten that I had written this, it’s been so long ago since I did, but thank you for going back to my earlier works. As you can see, I write totally different now from what I wrote then. I started off with not as much enmity and rage, but the more shit I witnessed, the more bitter I became and that is why I don’t even think that it is even in me to write such as this anymore. More’s the pity, but there you have it.

      I thank you most sincerely for the compliment on this one and for your comment, of course.

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      1. I see. I’ve had similar feelings with older things I’ve written online or even offline. How long have you written poetry? Pardon me if you answered that question before in a previous conversation. I can definitely tell that it was written with a different tone than your recent posts (poems and articles alike). It’s very understandable why you would feel more bitter and angry now compared to then. There have been some similar feelings with me even though I express it in other ways and with me still internalizing a lot of past hurts. I would like to see more poetry, but I get it if you don’t have as much passion that type of writing.

        No problem, Shelby. I’m glad you were able to appreciate that compliment and comment. Hope you’re doing alright.

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      2. Ospreyshire, I started writing poetry when I was in grade school. Apparently, my poetry was so good, my teachers would make me stand up in front of the class, holding the class up from going to lunch, just to read my poems. I was so embarrassed. I even wrote a book of poems on a note pad, but lost it. I could have probably published it by now, but my mother never was of any help to us with regards to school work and projects we were working on. I also wanted to learn how to play the piano but my mother would not allow it even though she allowed my baby sister to play the instruments of her choice. I do believe that I was held back from my true potential and I am angered by that, as well.

        But unfortunately, all I can say for poetry today is that, “It ain’t happening.” I’m much too filled with rage to even come up with something that I’d feel comfortable posting. However, I do appreciate you wanting to see more poetry like this. Bless your heart. And thank you for your comment.

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      3. That’s good with you writing poems for that long. I wrote poems during my upper elementary school years, but rarely showed them to others. That does sound embarrassing with being paraded with poetry. If they like it, that’s one thing, but there’s a line between appreciation and exploitation. I know you have severe issues against your mother, but that’s even worse for her to have blatant double standards with your sister being able to do artsy things and not you. Would you want to try writing your own book or learn piano on your own? I’ve felt like I’ve been held back with different things. Different circumstances compared to you, but there were times where I was dismayed by people putting me down whenever I would try learning a new skill. For me, I’ve been doing my best with learning additional languages and to step my videography game up (this is coming from someone who has legit schooling in that field, too).

        Gotcha. I get it and respect that. It was just a suggestion, but it’s your blog, so you do you. I did multiple poems that I read from you before and it’s cool to meet others with that kind of talent around on WordPress. Thank you.

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      4. Ospreyshire, I could not play piano if I tried. I was diagnosed years ago with early onset osteoarthritis in my fingers and knees. I believe I got it because when I was just a child, my daddy was so no good that as a child, I had to stack wood that looked like tree trunks up against the fence. I had to haul coal scuttles from the basement to the upstairs to heat the house. The backbreaking shit I had to do, has damn near destroyed my body and add to that, multiple car accidents and it is painful for me just to get out of bed. That is another reason why I am so enraged, because of what I had to endure as a child. I am not even that old and yet, my body feels like its 99 years old. And I don’t take any pain meds, I just endure.

        And Ospreyshire, don’t worry about people putting you down; that’s what people do best, put each other down. You are multi-talented and that is discouraged by people who lack what you have. Like I stated before, do you and never apologize for that. Do whatever you want to do, experiment with different things and try new things. Find you another niche and just keep exploring new avenues. People are what they are, and you can’t change them, so just concentrate on you and what makes you happy or at least content and enjoyable.

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      5. Sorry to hear that about the early onset osteoarthritis and even more so about how your parents treated you. All that stuff is way too much for anyone to do regardless if they’re a child or adult. I’ve stacked wood a few times before and I know how rough that is. It does make sense why you’d be enraged because NO ONE should ever have to go through what you went through.

        “That’s what people do best, put each other down.”

        Come to think of it, that makes a lot of sense. Just look at how negative people can be to each other especially online. Even I’ve been guilty of doing this whenever I was furious. I’ll certainly do my best to be myself. I’ve struggled with caring too much about what other people think and was even a people pleaser when I was younger. It’s been good trying new things like learning languages or even exploring independent movies from other countries (Just saw a Cuban documentary about the first female film director in that country who is also a Black woman the other day, BTW). Sometimes I did wonder what the “haters”, if you will lacked and why they’d try to put me down. I learned that about how so many people can’t change, so I stopped trying. Thank you very much.

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