We Are Assured Of Flying, But To Hell With Seniors And America’s Children

To America’s Elected Corporate Lackeys,

I have nothing but contempt for each and every one of you, from the president on down. In fact, you all disgust me. You disgust me because of your pompous and arrogant disregard for the plight of those who are poor and voiceless. You disgust me because you are not true representatives of the people of America. You represent what ever corporate shill shows up with a briefcase filled with money and an agenda. All of you are corrupt, lying degenerates, unsuccessfully posing as elected representatives. If each of you would do the right thing, you would resign as you are of no use whatsoever to the millions of Americans who are struggling daily to survive.

It was with great anxiety that I read, “Democratic President Obama is proposing major cuts to Social Security benefits while boosting military spending by $400 billion as a ‘good faith’ proposal to Congressional Republicans.” This will have a direct impact on many Americans who are senior citizens and who are already having a hard time paying for their medical expenses because Medicare does not cover dental care, vision, eye glasses, hearing aids and neither does the Medigap policies, the supplemental policies that many seniors have to take out to pay the 20% of medical expenses that Medicare does not pay for, not to forget that they are also trying to put food on the table and pay for the other essentials of living, i.e., a roof over their head, clothing, utilities, etc. Now, you want to re-work the COLA which is taken from the Labor Department’s Consumer Price Index(CPI) and in essence say to seniors, “you’re not going to get a true cost-of-living-adjustment, if you cannot afford beef and chicken is cheaper, go for the chicken and if you cannot afford that, I guess it’s dog food for you.” This is beyond the end of enough. All of you have a total disregard for the people of this country who worked hard all their lives, had their money taken from them and placed into the Social Security pool, expecting it to be there to help them in their ‘golden years’ and all the while, you were raiding it and now you want these people to pay the price of your shenanigans. With all due disrespect, the lot of you are a disgrace and not to fit to run a carnival ride, much less do you belong at the helm of this ship called America which is fast becoming(thanks to all of you), the ‘Titanic’. Why the hell should those who are not to blame be forced to go down with this sinking ship that you sunk, with your reckless spending, your earmarks, stalemates, filibusters, debt ceiling games and sequestration?

To make matters worse, it was also brought to my attention that the House and Senate overwhelmingly passed legislation allocating funds to keep air travel from ‘lacking’ while cuts to Meals on Wheels and Head Start are simply not important. Have any of you not read the staggering statistics on hunger in America? Fifty-two percent of senior households are food insecure. Seventeen million children go to bed hungry in the U.S. each night and yet the priority in Washington is to keep those planes flying. To hell with everything else. To hell with seniors and children getting food, to hell with children receiving a ‘head start’ and it is certainly no surprise that with the state of our public schools, children in America need all the head start they can get.

With an estimated 49.7 million Americans living in poverty, millions homeless and hungry, including children, you choose to vote to keep some airports from closing. Wow! This has got to be your finest hour!

And finally, as much as it pains me to do so, I will continue to vote due to what people of my complexion had to go through just to obtain the right to vote for thugs like you. However, take this to the bank, I will never vote for another ‘demorat’ nor will I vote for another ‘repugnant’, ever! This country needs another party, one that is not bought and paid for by corporations, whether we’ll ever get one or not is anyone’s guess, but I am tired of holding my nose and voting for the ‘lesser of two evils’ when neither side is any better than the other.


Shelby I. Courtland

head startP.S. Obama give it a rest! You are not what I thought I was voting for!


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