Opposed to Abortion? Fine! Start Adopting!

There are many reasons why women seek abortions. And it is not up to us to determine whether we think their reasons are relevant or not. However, with that being stated, for those who are against abortions, why are there so many children in America, awaiting adoption? Why are you only concerned with a ‘fetus’ but are no longer concerned when they are outside of the womb and need clothing, an education, food, health care, housing, etc.? Why are they less important after they are born?

With the vast number of abortion opponents running around screaming and yelling against abortions, when a woman does give birth as opposed to aborting the child, why then are the children sent to one foster home after another? Shouldn’t you put your money where your screams are and adopt these living children because you are so glad that they were not ‘aborted’? Why, after they are born, are they no longer a concern to you? You shout down ‘hellfire and brimstone’ to all and sundry, but when it comes to putting your money where your mouth is and step up to the plate and adopt them, you’re found sadly lacking. You know what that makes you? A pompous, blowhard with no substance. So the next time you’re camped out at an abortion clinic, hold a sign up stating that “if you do not abort, I will support” and head on down to the local adoption agency and actually put your money where your mouth is and shut up about your tax dollars going to feed and house these children who were not aborted because after all, you are so very glad that they were born or are you?

2 thoughts on “Opposed to Abortion? Fine! Start Adopting!

  1. ahh, abortion, the right to life and the right wing conservatives main issue pretty much each and every election cycle.

    ever notice that with them, the right to life starts at conception and ends at live birth.

    my wife and i never considered abortion as an option for us while she was having our kids, but it damned sure wasn’t and still isn’t our place to make that type of decision for anyone else.

    like ya say shelby, if they feel compelled to keep women from making this choice for themselves, they need to step up and support those that are forced to be born 100%.


    • Exactly Brian! All we hear is how “I don’t want my tax dollars going to welfare!” People are getting welfare because they had children. Just what the hell do they want? Women are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. If they have an abortion, they’re damned, if they have the child and need assistance, they’re damned by these self-righteous blowhards who have no idea what it is they want women to do. When a person becomes fanatical over a ’cause’, they lose all sense of reason as is the case with abortion opponents. They cannot have it both ways.


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