The Poor Are Such Easy Targets

food stamps
Here we go again! Sigh!! In Wisconsin, a republican introduced a bill, AB110 that would essentially limit the amount of ‘junk’ food paid for by the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program(SNAP) formerly known as Food Stamps. In essence, this is just another ploy to detract from the fact that (republican) Governor Scott Walker promised to add 250,000 new jobs in Wisconsin, but the reality is that Wisconsin comes in at 44th in economic performance and is in fact, laying people off by the thousands. However, let’s not concentrate on that, let us concentrate on what jobless people(who were promised jobs by the republican governor) purchase with their SNAP benefits.

Here’s a better idea, if the lawmakers in Wisconsin refuse to concentrate on how to get their economy up and running and gaining jobs instead of losing them and would rather spend their time on what people purchase with their SNAP benefits, why not go after the companies that make the ‘junk’ food? Take the fight to those who can fight back and who are the reasons why the hated ‘junk’ food is on shelves to begin with. Why tackle the poor? It is simply too easy to smack down those who are already down and out. Go for the bigger game. Why don’t you? Oh, but that will never happen because the ‘bigger game’ is what’s keeping the lawmakers in ‘the game’. Can’t bite the hand that ‘feeds’ you, can you?

When we start attempting to ‘legislate’ what foods people can purchase, where will it end? Right now, the focus is on poor people(as usual) because they are such easy targets. They have no voice. They have no lobbyists with briefcases filled with money to pad the pockets of legislators to get what they want. They have no funds for ‘on air’ time to get their message across. There are many who do not live near supermarkets and must therefore, shop at local convenience/food stores. Many do not have vehicles, nor do they always have access to public transportation. I know because I have lived in areas where public transportation was next to nil.

And I say to the lawmakers who constantly make the ‘poor’ fair ‘game’, get the hell up off their backs! They are going through enough as it is! Take on the sugar industry, the soft drink companies, the makers of potato chips, etc. I double dare you! But you can’t, can you? Because you’re cowards and you’ve been bought and paid for by the companies that produce the ‘junk food’ and so once again, you show your cowardliness by demonizing the poor and giving a ‘free pass’ to those who make the products that you are trying to discourage the ‘poor’ from purchasing. Way to go, you pack of hypocritical cowards!!

2 thoughts on “The Poor Are Such Easy Targets

  1. Well stated, we’ve devolved to a being run by a bunch of Yurtle the turtles who build their kingdoms on the backs of the little turtles. You’re right that the poor are easy targets because they can’t fight back, they have no say in the legislations and policies that cripple them then blame them for their disenfranchisement.


    1. Thank you for your comment Jeff and I must say, as hard as it is being poor, they get no break! With all that is wrong in this country, the economy in shambles, jobs are still scarce, prices steadily rising and they want to concentrate on denying food stamp recipients, a snack? Bloody hell!!


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