America’s Priorities:The Department Of Defense, The Prison Industrial Complex And Finally Housing The Poor And Homeless

Yes, we Americans…know our priorities and by golly we fund them accordingly. Waste not, want not with…uh…Department of Defense spending.
Defense spending is at historic highs. And though it’s the same size, the same shape, and has the same abilities, the U.S. military costs 35 percent more than it did a decade ago.
A 75 page report released last week, by the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments also points out that the DoD spent $46 billion of that total( national defense budget to $703 billion) on projects that failed, due to cost overruns or technical glitches.

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The U.S. has enough nuclear weapons to destroy the planet many times over and yet, the DoD needs billions of dollars for what? To invade another country, topple another dictator? Drop a drone on me because I’m wearing a ‘burka’? Sarcastically speaking, indeed, the DoD most definitely needs more billions to basically kill people or have the potential to kill lots and lots of people and if we’re not doing that, we’re incarcerating them.

The U.S. has 5% of the worlds’ population, but we have 25 percent of the world’s prisoners-we incarcerate a greater percentage of our population than any country on Earth,” says Michael Jacobson, director of the non-partisan Vera Institute. Our epidemic of incarceration costs us taxpayers $63.4 billion a year. Incarcerating one inmate cost anywhere from $31,000 to $60,000 a year.

Now, how much was allocated for housing the poor and homeless? $42.8 billion was the budget for Housing and Urban Development in 2012, much less than what was requested in order to maintain the program at current funding levels.

When we take a look at what we spend money on, it is glaringly obvious where we are in terms of our priorities. First order of business is to be overcompensated in the field of killing, second, if we are not ourselves doing the killing, we’re locking people up because we have an ongoing domestic war and this war is called the ‘War on Drugs’ and we are basically going to incarcerate our ‘drug’ problem away. Makes sense, doesn’t it? It has been working well so far, right? We’ve even ‘privatized’ prison so that a profit can be made off of our tax dollars. We don’t see it, but those who run the ‘for profit’ prisons do. Damn straight!

We have even found a way to spend less money on housing the poor and homeless, lock em up! You see, if they have a record, they’re less likely to be employable or pass a background check. So, we absolve ourselves of a moral responsibility to house the homeless by blaming them for multiple arrests for vagrancy, public urination, being a public nuisance, trespassing and don’t worry, we’ll come up with many more reasons to lock em up. We’re exceptionally good at that. No need to fully fund Housing and Urban Development because we are going to make sure that those homeless people just don’t qualify for the program. Let’s cut the program funds, spend more on destroying and incarcerating people and we can all sleep soundly tonight? Right? Hell no! I say we stop with the bullshit and recognize what SHOULD be our priorities and fund accordingly. We should stop posturing and expostulating over how well we’re solving our drug problem by incarcerating it because we’re not. We should be rehabilitating it. We are just making hardened criminals out of petty drug dealers. We know what we’re doing because those who are making the real money out of this are the actual intended recipients, those who run private prisons.

Housing the homeless? Do you really think the U.S. is even trying when $46 billion was wasted by the Department of Defense and that is more money than the entire Housing and Urban Development budget(42.8 billion)and no one in Washington is crying over the $63.4 billion a year going into incarcerating away the ‘War on Drugs’. Wanna know why? I’ll give you a hint. In Washington, there is a clear but for obvious reasons, unwritten policy, “you scratch MY back and I’ll scratch YOURS!”

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