This Will Be My Last Post(for awhile)

Yes, this will be my last post on the blog. I see no point to this at all. There are so many who are saying exactly what I am saying and yet, it makes no difference. Trying to survive is becoming so much harder for many. People are still homeless, lacking insurance, they’ve not enough food to eat and lack the other basic necessities of life. With this blog, I am literally talking to myself or in other words, ‘preaching to the choir’.

I had written previously that I was moving to the Midwest and would soon start a community programming show to highlight the issues that many are facing. I will begin broadcasting next month and even though my audience will be local. I am hoping that I will make more of a difference with the program on local cable channels than I ever could with this blog.

So, to those who have followed me on here, I wish to thank you for your support. I really appreciate it, but it is time for me to take things to the next level. And I bid you, adieu(for now)!

12 thoughts on “This Will Be My Last Post(for awhile)

  1. What can I say?
    Should I beg you to stay?
    Not if your life’s path takes you away.

    Remember be true
    primarily to you.
    Do all the good that you can
    on you mission for man.

    Shelby, your column here should be left up and in tact as it can still do some good for someone who might stumble across it. Who knows, you might even want to use it as a sounding board as well. I wish you every bit of luck with the new path that you feet have been taken for I know that this is where your heart is as well.


    • Brian, thanks! I just wanted to not leave the few who stop by here, hanging when they no longer see any new posts. I just feel that the time has come to take things to the next level. Will I change anything? Probably not, but I am still going to give it a go, since I have this opportunity.

      I sincerely hope that others who are blogging on social issues will continue to plod on.
      I will leave the blog up if you think that it will do any good, it has not thus far, but I did put a lot of effort and energy into this, so why the hell not leave it up!
      Thank you my friend for your support from day one!! I will stop by your blog from time to time, just to say hi!!!


  2. Brian, that was precious! Again, thank you! I cannot state how many times that I have said that I would never do something again, only to turn around and have to eat my words. This could be the case with saying, “goodbye!”

    Actually, I am becoming somewhat frustrated with the fact that those of us who have such depth of feeling are the ones who are powerless to make a difference and those who are in a position to make a difference are usually cold, callous, thoughtless, inhumane and have no problem sleeping at night knowing that so many people, the world over are suffering and it does not have to be like this. Call me a sentimental fool, but I am sick to pieces of the ‘nature of the beast’ in us ‘humans’ as the dominant factor in today’s society. We seem to want to wallow in hate and selfishness, cruelty and ignorance. I see no hope for us, I really don’t.


    • within this world
      a corner we’re given
      with a few to care for
      while we are livin’.

      so mind them well
      secure their needs
      and follw your heart
      where e’er it leads

      silly girl, you always cause me to write something.


    • I can definitely relate to your sense of frustration and “voicelessness”. I haven’t followed your blog as closely as I should have but from the posts I have read and the comments you’ve left on my blog, its evident that you think and feel deeply about the issues that are tearing our country apart at the seams.

      I want to leave you with one word of encouragement (hopefully) and one word of unsolicited advice. First, the encouragement…I had an epiphany recently when I was feeling discouraged about writing and the impact it was having; I realized that it is impossible to tell just which drop of water it is that causes the levee to break. Rather, it is an accumulation of irresistible forces applying pressure over a period of time against supposedly immoveable objects that serves to effect change. I took it as a reminder not to underestimate the power of words or give up hope that the words of the ruling class can and will be used against them for a change, not just in the court of public opinion but, perhaps, one day in an actual court of law.

      Second, the (unasked for) advice…wherever the path takes you, be it blogging or broadcasting or other avenues, stay in the struggle because every voice is needed and every voice counts. For myself, it was a compilation of visionary letters written from a Birmingham jail cell fifty years ago that reminded me that the pen is more badass than the sword. No single drop of water can budge the seemingly impregnable, man-made barriers in our midst but one day justice will “roll down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.”

      I apologize after the fact for my lengthy comment, I look forward to hearing your voice again in the future.


      • Oh Jeff! Again, I am at a loss for words! As I stated before, I cannot believe that I just now found my way over to your blog. Mine, but pales in comparison to the great writing skills and the knowledge that you possess. Gracious me! I am quite blown away!

        I was never one to give up so soon and as you can see, I’ve not been blogging that long, but my sister’s recent death has dealt me such a blow that I also feel that at this time, I have quite lost some of my fighting spirit. And I have always been a fighter, never a quitter, but with what is going on in my personal life and with what I see when I look around, at this point, I am quite overwhelmed. Things just seem to be going from worse to worse with no end in sight.
        I’ve written about life being a ‘battleground’ and it is, but right now, I seem to be losing ground.

        Even though I wrote a poem about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., I cannot help but think that even he would have a problem with where we are in terms of human rights and how the poor and downtrodden are being treated. It is my opinion that his dream has most definitely not fulfilled, not even with the election of Barack Obama to the presidency. The poem that I wrote sums up how I feel.

        A Poem For Black History Month About The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther ……/a-poem-for-black-history-month-abo…‎

        I want to thank you for your comment as it means so much to me. When I feel stronger, I will be back.



      • My condolences to you. Please know I did not mean to imply that you were a quitter in any way. Even the best fighters need to go to the corner at the end of the round.

        You are absolutely right that Dr. King would not be satisfied with the conditions in our country, nor should we be. Looking forward to your return, keep in touch.



  3. I hate to see you leave, but you will keep us posted on your new venture won’t you?

    Hey, you might want to blog parts of your program. Give it some thought.


    • Bless your heart JoAnn! People like you and Brian and Jeff and others make me feel like I am part of a little community. I am hopeful that I will get myself together and come back as I would miss my little corner here on WordPress and especially all of you!

      I promise to keep you posted!

      Thank you all!


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