Operation Overkill:In The Name of Keeping U.S. Safe!

The Party Line Is Back! Compliments of the U.S. Government!

We Americans are continually being spied on. Now, it appears that the Obama Administration had ordered Verizon to hand over any and all phone records of its millions of customers( WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is defending the government’s secret seizure of millions of domestic telephone records from Verizon, saying the data collection program “has been a critical tool in protecting the nation from terrorist threats to the United States.” http://www.latimes.com/news/politics/la-pn-obama-defends-verizon-data-collection-obama-defends-verizon-data-collection-20130606,0,4449398.story)A ‘critical tool’? The Boston Marathon Bombing, anyone? So, if the ‘collection program’ did not stop that, then my next question is, why not?
Is everyone who uses a phone, a terrorist? Are we all ‘under suspicion’? When will we wake up and realize that our government and the spying on U.S. is out-of-control? We have lost or given up so many of our rights since 9/11 that I do not even recognize the fact that I live in the United States of America any more. When we decided to go along with the acts of the Department of HomeLand Security, the Patriot Act, the NDAA, did we not realize that by doing so, we were giving carte blanche for each administration to play on our fears of the ‘terrorist bogeyman’? Did any of this stop the Boston Marathon Bombing? The Aurora Colorado Shooting? the Newtown, CT shooting?

It is all fine and good to make sure that America is safe from terrorist activities, but to spy on innocent Americans who are going about their daily lives without a thought in their head of blowing people up or mass killings is beyond ridiculous! I have stated this before and I will do so again. It is my opinion that it is much too late to do anything about what has gotten so far out-of-hand. We cannot turn back the clock and undo every act that we allowed to pass in the name of ‘keeping America safe’. This was used as a tool to get us to relinquish without a whimper any illusions we had that we are a ‘free people’. We have stood silently by while our government has abused any amount of trust that we may have had in it. I have never trusted the U.S. government because people of my complexion have been used as guinea pigs for decades. When nothing was done about that, did others not of my complexion think that the government would confine itself to us? Really? Well now ya know, it ain’t so! The next time you pick up the phone, remember, we have gone back to the ‘party line’. Your neighbor is a terrorist. Your daughter is a terrorist. You may not think so, but it is not up to YOU anymore. YOU relinquished that right and your government is now using it against YOU! Lastly, a word of advice….watch what you say even in jest because you can be detained, indefinitely and Guantanamo Bay has not been closed. Did you really think that the government was done with us when we had to be subjected to radiation or be ‘felt up’ in order to board a plane? So, now we have the ‘secret’ compilation of our phone records. Didn’t this Administration promise ‘transparency’? Secrecy and transparency do not go together no matter how you slice it. So much for promises. They are politicians after all so, what were we thinking???

2 thoughts on “Operation Overkill:In The Name of Keeping U.S. Safe!

  1. It’s always good to see your writings. Unfortunately, when a person has the power of extrajudicial assassination everything else seems trivial in comparison. The major telecoms were given immunity after it was first discovered the NSA was wiretapping American citizens. This is a continuation of the path the POTUS has chosen or, I should say, his bosses have chosen because Obama clearly does not work for us.


    1. Good to see you Jeff! I have often wondered how a ‘junior’ senator from seemingly out of nowhere ascended to the presidency. People can call me a ‘conspiracy theorist’ but it just seems kind of strange to me that Obama was first pitted against McCain and PALIN of all people. That was for all intents and purposes, a shoe-in that he would get elected. Next up was Romney with all accompanying baggage. Not to forget about the taping regarding ‘47% of Americans being moochers and not taxpayers’. This tape was certainly beneficial for the Obama campaign. It almost seems to me as though, Obama would have won even if no one had shown up at the polls. It has the smell of something not quite on the up-and-up or in other words, that which makes me go….”hmmmm!”


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