Feet of the Homeless


I could really use a new pair of shoes.
and though there’s not much left to lose,
these shoes have had it and that’s no lie.
I pack em and stuff em. I really do try.

Maybe, I’ll get lucky and find a new pair.
It’s enough to make people just stop and stare.
I’ve no money and that’s a fact.
I can beg all day and they think it’s an act.

They walk past me and see I’m in need.
They look the other way, paying me no heed.
I look at them and I actually pray.
I hope your perfect life will stay that way.

Don’t go to war and become a homeless vet.
Never take a drink and please don’t place a bet.
If you ever feel blue, keep it hidden inside.
They’ll use it against you if you dare to confide.
You’ll be scorned and ridiculed and judged all day.
You’ll be needing new shoes when they send you on your way.

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

© 2013 All rights reserved.

8 thoughts on “Feet of the Homeless

  1. Those that do need
    are generally looked past
    and when help finally does come
    they’re receiving it last.

    For those that do have
    their subsidies grow
    but for those on the streets
    the common answer’s been no.

    So where can they go
    and what can they do
    when they’re all worn out
    like that old abused shoe?

    The answer’s not easy
    as many folks need a hand.
    Well they have new spokesperson
    in Shelby Courtland.

    Do what you do girl
    use the words you’ve been given
    to get the word out
    if how the street folks are livin’.


    • Brian, my dear!!! I am honored to say the least!!! Bless your sweet heart!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It’s wonderful! You never cease to amaze me! I shall cherish your poem always!!!! It is beautiful!


      • i’m hoping (one p, not two), that’s right as in hope not jumping up and down that your other followers have not given up when you mistakenly thought you were done here. you have a lot left inside of you to share with many who care.

        remember, the only way we can change the world is by one person at a time. then hopefully that one can change another, then another, then another and then the snowball effect will get a few more for you.


  2. Brian, I don’t understand it but I’ve had more views while gone than when I was actually posting as much as I did. Some of my writings have been translated into different languages. There have been views by so many different countries that I am amazed by it all. Hopefully, those who thought I had ‘thrown in the towel’ will be back. And as always, I truly appreciate those who stuck in there. I thank you all!!


    • This internet can be so evil
      while at the same time oh so good.
      After all you’re reaching people
      you never thought you would.

      You may not ever know them
      but they’ll know who you are.
      It’s by these words you’ve left here
      that they’ll recognize your star.

      That star which shares its light with them
      and fills their hearts with hope,
      that there can be a better tomorrow
      giving them the strength to cope.

      So keep on writing and leave it here
      the snow ball will roll down hill
      and although you may not realize it
      you’re the honey that follows their pill.


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