The screams are from my soul.

My body burns with a fever.

I shake from head to toe.

My fury knows no end.

An age old wisdom did not come easily.

I see the stark reality of the horror of our lives.

Crimes have been committed in the name of those who lied.

Cruel intentions are often met with violent reactions.

When have we not been at war with one another?

Have we never realized that we share a common bond?

Light filters through the darkness, contrast in stark relief.

We cowered in the night, hidden, trapped and waiting.

Until the cold morning light shown with a staring glare,

cruelty that was hidden from all the world to see.

No judgment cast on us will blight our giving nature.

We are bound by no contract. We only seek to aid.

Do not believe it. We do not come in peace.

We are the hunters. We are the beast.

We tear down and we rebuild that which we have destroyed.

We are benevolent and we mean you no harm.
Believe this not for we come like the greatest storm.

The helpless are worn down, we seek to build them up.

We are lovers of freedom, join us. We insist.

Global poverty is what we strive to end.
You will not go it alone, on this you can depend.

We are in your corner. That is where you want us to be.

If you are not with us, our wrath you must then face.
We insist you follow us and always know your place.

The world is ours and we make the rules.

We can force you into submission, this you do not want.
Your fields will be let fallow, your people crushed and gaunt.

My soul cries out in horror as we take and take and take.
I see a nightmare of suffering. Why can I not awake?

Cease the torture you do in my name!

I am shunned the world over and only you know why.
Powerless to break the war machine, I stand helplessly by.

I weep for you, and for those whom you will lose.
Our government will take from you everything it can use.

You will be left without a home, your birthplace destroyed.
While tears stream down my face when the missiles are deployed.

This is not done in my name, and yet I gave assent. I stood aloof.
I am defeated. I do not stand in glory. My broken body is the proof.

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland

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