Another day of seeing things

Will there ever come a day when those of us who are brought to tears because of all the suffering we see, come to an end? Will there ever come a day when enough of us care to do something about it? Will there ever come a day when we stop ‘shaming’ those who are in need? Will there ever come a day…..? Why can it not be today?

See What I've Seen

Today was another Tuesday spent volunteering. Another Tuesday spent seeing things that will always send grief shooting throughout my body upon reflection. Another Tuesday that upon seeing another person’s despair, I was nearly brought to tears.

The place I volunteer is unique in that it is the only emergency aid center in a very impoverished area. North of it is the big city, where aid is rife and soup kitchens feed hundreds a night. However, lying on the outskirts of this city, those in the community find themselves unable to get up to the bigger aid centers– forgotten people in need. Therefore they come to us. But even then we can’t help everyone.

Among many other things, we run a food pantry, only admissible by appointment to avoid us running out. As of right now, a mother whose family is starving cannot get in to make an appointment for another…

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