We Do NOT Come In Peace!

no peace

We smile and we grin when we look you in the face.
We are evil and depraved and we left the human race.
If you have what we want, we will not be denied.
When we said, “we come in peace,” quite obviously, we lied.

Give us all your land, we’ll make it worth your while.
We’re slick and oh so smooth, how glibly we beguile.
Underneath this polished exterior, we’re covered deep in slime.
We now demand ‘black gold, pure Middle Eastern prime.

The 5th fleet is on standby, awaiting direct orders.
Assessing every conflict and watching all the borders.
They’re there to do our bidding, should oil production cease.
We own all the rights, there’ll be no Mid East peace.

We are the controllers with no need for alibis.
We took over North America, killed so many native tribes.
Free labor we did gather from the shores of Africa.
To build this once great nation, we now call America.

This here is the land of the free and of the brave.
All who do not bow to us will end up in a grave.
Our suits of body armor and our missiles and our tanks
will protect for us our interests. Oh yes, we are the skanks!

If you see that we are coming, you’d better run and hide.
There is naught that you can do as many have thus tried.
We torture and we kill, it’s nothing new to us.
We’d even throw our mother underneath a greyhound bus.

Once upon a time, a spy was in our midst,
we tortured him real good; his balls, yes we did twist.
He’s locked up in a cell, confined both day and night.
He committed quite the crime. He did what he thought right!

There’ll always be a soldier to get our bidding done.
So many without conscience, we’ll always find someone.
The training here starts early. At age three, they know the drill.
By the time they come to us, they’re all ready for the kill.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
Β©2013 Shelby I. Courtland

On 'Combat missions' at age 3? Wow, just...wow!
On ‘Combat missions’ at age 3? Wow, just…wow!

If this is supposed to be cute, it is anything but!
If this is supposed to be cute, it is anything but!

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