Non Profit Charity?

The CEO's salary of this 'charity' is in a race to the top!
The CEO’s salary of this ‘charity’ is in a race to the top!
It may be called the 'Red Cross' but the CEO's salary is definitely in the Black!
It may be called the ‘Red Cross’ but the CEO’s salary is definitely in the Black!
More like 'Goodwill for CEO.
More like ‘Goodwill’ for the CEO.

What is the definition of a ‘non profit’?

An incorporated organization which exists for educational or charitable reasons, and from which its shareholders or trustees do not benefit financially. Any money earned must be retained by the organization, and used for its own expenses, operations, and programs. Many non-profit organizations also seek tax exempt status, and may also be exempt from local taxes including sales taxes or property taxes. Well-known non-profit organizations include Habitat for Humanity, the Red Cross, and United Way. also called not-for-profit organization. source:

So, if the CEO of the Susan G. Komen Foundation nets a salary of $684,000+ expenses, what is that considered? Reportedly, the charity is cancelling half of the 3/day race for the cure events next year due to the economy. Is it really due to the economy or is it due to the fact that those who participate in the Race for the Cure must raise $2,300.00 before they are allowed to race. It is quite obvious to me that the money raised is going more to pay outrageous executive salaries than is going into research to find a cure.
Each participant is required to raise at least $2,300 to participate. That might feel like a big obstacle, but we are here to help you every step of the way with tips and tools.

I remember back in the day, we would get a sign-up sheet and hand it around to our friends, co-workers and other people we knew and they would write in how much they would pay us per mile for walking for charity. After the event, we would get paid based on how many miles we walked. There was no pressure to reach a goal of say, $2,300.00. Whatever we turned in, we assumed it would help. After all, we were volunteering for charity. What passes for ‘charities’ these days are nothing more than corporations with a tax exempt status masquerading as charities, especially when CEOs and other executives are paid hundreds of thousands of dollars. With that much money being paid to executives, just how much is going to fund the purpose of the charity? No CEO of a charity should be receiving damn near a million dollars and the ‘corporation’ is still considered to be a ‘charity’. That doesn’t even make any sense because no charity should be considered ‘nonprofit’ when its executives are ‘earning’ salaries that are, to put it mildly, over-the-top.

Back in the mid ’90s when the Red Cross came to my ‘rescue’, the CEO’s salary was $200,000. Today, it is..well..see for yourself.…/charity-ceo-pay-questione_n_496317.html‎

Mar 12, 2010 – Senators question $1 million pay for charity’s CEO – … Red Cross only gives $.07 on every dollar to the people in need.

Next up!…/goodwill-workers-disabilities-low-wage_n_…‎

Jun 21, 2013 – As some workers were making as little as 22 cents per hour in 2011, Goodwill International CEO Jim Gibbons made $729,000 in salary.

Some disabled workers are paid .22 per hour and it is legal for this ‘charity’ to exploit the most vulnerable in our society while the CEO rakes in $729,000+ expenses(over three quarters of a million dollars). Where is the hue and cry of outrage over this? We are truly rotten to the core when we know that CEOs of charities are receiving outrageous salaries and we have no problem with this. We are sadly lacking in courage when we do not stand up for those disabled workers who are being exploited. We are ridiculously apathetic when we can know that only .07 out of every dollar is actually put towards helping those that the ‘charity’ was established to help and we just shrug. It is no surprise that these ‘charities’ are paying their executives these ludicrous salaries, etc., because they know that the general population is just too self-absorbed to care or to complain. Business as usual.

And to think that many of us have a problem dropping a dime into a cup held in the hand of a homeless person because we fear that he or she will only get drunk. Why is it that we do not hold executives of the so-called ‘charitable organizations’ to the same standards? You have no problem dropping $50.00 or more into the coffers of the Red Cross when according to reports only .07 out of each dollar will actually go to those in need. So, are you still wondering why there are so many in need? If you are, ask the CEO of a ‘charity’why!

10 thoughts on “Non Profit Charity?

  1. California’s state agency that is supposed to serve disabled people, but always cuts their services claiming they are in a budget cut crisis, has no quams about paying the top executive of this san diego regional center over 250,000 a year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The guys name s Carlos Flores….

    Click to access WIFY2011-2012.pdf


    1. We need to STOP giving to charities that we know are merely posing as charities. If we are going to ‘give’, we need to weed out those tax exempt corporations that are NOT helping to alleviate the suffering of those who they claim to be helping. It is not enough to expose these charlatans, we need to hit them where it hurts, their nice cushy ‘earnings’. Research and find the ‘charities’ that are actually doing some good for those in need and not simply doing some good in lining their pockets. Speaking for myself, I give gift cards directly to the homeless. Many can be found waiting on the outside of shelters for the doors to open. If, like me, you have been involved with helping the homeless, many of them, I am on a first name basis with and the horror stories that not only I could tell, but also from those who are homeless would curl your toes and these organizations have the unmitigated gall to call themselves a ‘charity’. That’s a load of rot!

      The Salvation Army bell ringers are mostly homeless people who are residing in their shelters and they pay them a pittance and stand them out in all types of weather even though when the shelter closes, they are exposed to the elements. I have witnessed the Salvation Army put homeless people out during the holidays, but the media is never there to report on that! The media is called in to witness the bell ringers at it, but they do not delve into who is actually ringing many of those bells. Hint: It’s not the CEO or any high ranking administrative official out there in below average temperatures for hours on end ringing a damn bell!. They’re in the executive suite swilling back champagne and munching on escargot at the Christmas party celebrating their donations ‘take’.


    1. I am, as I type this, on the phone with the gestapo, ‘Obomber’ and I am informing him that your ‘charity’ is anything but. Wait a minute, hold on. Obomber is speaking.

      “What’s that? All Tubularsock’s charity needs to do is to tote a briefcase filled with money to its closest democratic campaign headquarters and his ‘charity’ will not be audited? Never fucking mind!, you useless ass wipe!”

      Never mind, Tube, carry on. I am NOT making a donation to YOUR ‘charity’ however! You’ll not scam me and flip the bird to the weak and helpless. By golly, I am going to picket out front of your charity as soon as I can find the time since I’m already picketing in front of the headquarters of the Red Cross, then the Salvation Army is next and so forth and so on. By the time I get to you, it could be this time next year. Geesh!!!


      1. For your eyes only from HHIYPC. Do not leak to Wikileaks.

        A response from the CEO of HHIYPC, Tubularsock to Shelby.

        1. Always tote briefcases full of money to BOTH the Republicans and the Democrats. We here at HHIYPC believe in spreading the wealth. After all it is a democracy!

        2. Always say you are helping children. (and if you have to go out and cripple some children to have a work force then do that because a charity has to do what a charity has to do in order to help crippled children! It’s what HHIYPC does best!

        3. Tubularsock has several photos of he and a few crippled-children that assist in bringing in tons of money after they (the children — not Tubularsock) sit in front of Macy’s with little buckets. (just to be fair they are paid the regular fee and after Tubularsock removes from their ample salary the cost for them taking a 10 minute lunch break deducting the loss of income to Tubularsock while they lounge eating a bowl gruel and deduct the cost of the gruel as well as the rental of the bowl the crippled-children end up owing the Tubularsock “Company Store”. There is no free lunch for loafers and deadbeat children for Christ sake!

        4. And ALWAYS do it in the name of the Lord. In this case ….. Tubularsock! Amen.

        As for the threat of you NOT donating to assist HHIYPC’s help of little-poor-crippled-children; shame on you Shelby! Tubularsock is just shocked and heart broken that you care so little!

        And then on top of that you are going to picket out in front of HHIYPC headquarters? Well good luck with that because HHIYPC only has an unmarked “BRINK’S” armored van which moves from Macy’s to Macy’s picking up the little crippled-children’s buckets for safe transport to the Cayman Islands. (low overhead higher salary for the CEO of HHIYPC)………. Tubularsock thanks you.

        PLEASE BURN THIS DOCUMENT AFTER READING. It is better to be safe than sorry. You know there are evil people out there in the charity world. And some will do anything for a buck!


  2. You evil, evil uncharitable scrooge! LMAO!! You got me once again! Although, it shouldn’t be funny, the way you put it, it IS laughable that this is exactly the absurdity that is being played out and has been played out for eons. I do recall there actually having been company stores and the workers would owe all of their wages to their employer because they not only worked for them but had no choice but to purchase their necessities from them. I can say one thing for certain about you Tube, you’re nobody’s fool and that’s for sure! Once again, I love how you make your point using humor! Point taken and touché!

    And I remember that children were actually being crippled because they were working in factories at such a young age and the hours were untenable because many households needed the children to work because the pay of the adults just wasn’t enough to meet the need. Alas, are we heading back in time? No doubt, in some countries this is the norm. As it is, children are not allowed to grow up. Parents enter them into beauty pageants and singing contests and we all know about child actors and the effects of that culture on a child. As I say, AGAIN, I despair of us!

    Thanks! You made my point even better than I did!!! I impatiently await YOUR next post!


    1. Thank you Shelby. Throughout my life many have said, “don’t encourage him” but like Frank Sinatra, “I do it my way”. As for making your point even better than you did I would only say that I made your point differently than you did.

      Your work stands alone in its ability to magnify the injustice we find all around us. It is a powerful voice that is so needed and must be used repeatedly to break open the apathy we find. Tubularsock thanks you for that wholeheartedly


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