In Memory of Trayvon Martin

'A soul cries out for justice....justice that can never be served'.
‘A soul cries out for justice….for justice that will never be served’.

I have not been following the trial of the murderer of this young man because regardless of what the outcome will be, Trayvon Martin will still be dead. Bits and pieces have come to my attention since this trial is being watched by millions and from what I gather, once again, the fact of the ethnicity of the young man and that this was a key factor in why he is dead, is as usual swept aside. For those who want to believe that we live in a color-blind society, take your rose colored glasses off and stop being delusional. As long as my complexion is not your complexion, we will not see each other as equal, but will instead choose to see someone who is different and who will be judged accordingly. We are suspicious of each other because we will not accept our likenesses and our differences and embrace them. We choose to hate and be intolerant of each other. This is counterproductive in trying to establish a society where all are free and equal and that is why we have failed, miserably. And so I dedicate this to the memory of:

Trayvon Martin b.February 5, 1995 d.February 26, 2012

My heart is torn asunder. Another child is dead.
It was nothing that he did. It was nothing that he said.
Seventeen years old, your body young and strong,
felled by a bullet, in every way shot wrong.

Who could kill a child and call it self-defense?
This was not a mystery novel, filled with great suspense.
No crime did you commit. No thought that you’d be dead.
Little did you know, your blood would soon be shed.

They said you called for help. No one would heed your cry.
Their back to you they turned and left you there to die.

You will never again know your mother’s gentle touch,
as the bullet pierced your flesh. It didn’t take too much,
to stop your beating heart and turn your body cold.
But your mother’s love for you, never will grow old.

You’ll always be her baby. You’ll always be her child.
When she held you in her arms and you looked at her and smiled.
Sleep now in peace, dear one. Your time was all too short.
And those you leave behind must take it up in court.
No court can bring you home. No court can make you smile.
You’ll be headline news, if only for a while.

When you’re no longer newsworthy and we all cease to mourn.
Those who loved you true. Those who loved you best, will never, ever forget the day that you were born.

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland
©2013 Shelby I. Courtland

9 thoughts on “In Memory of Trayvon Martin

  1. It looks the verdict is in. I guess when daddy’s a judge your above the law. This must be sickening for Trayvon’s family.


  2. Jeff, unfortunately, I can always call it. I stated above that a ‘soul cries out for justice…for justice that will never be served’. It has always been this way for us and it will always be this way. And some have the audacity to wonder why I am 6 out of 7 days, angrier than hornets in a disturbed nest. This is why. Zimmerman initiated the confrontation when he left his vehicle despite being told by the 911 dispatcher to stay put. The result is that a 17 year old who was committing no crime is dead and Zimmerman walks free. I have written extensively on the ‘criminal justice system and racism’ in AmeriKKKa and yet even now, with this case, it is business as usual. Goddamn it to hell! I am sick to pieces of it all! I have never had any religion to lose, but if I did, I wouldn’t have it now. For the love of …..!!!!!


  3. To make matters worse!!!
    NEW YORK — One-time Super Bowl hero Plaxico Burress was sentenced to two years in prison Tuesday for violating New York’s stringent gun laws and was immediately taken into custody following his hearing.

    Burress agreed to a plea deal last month and pleaded guilty to a lesser firearms charge. The charges stemmed from an incident late last fall, in which Burress accidentally shot himself in the thigh at a Manhattan nightclub with a gun that had not been licensed in New York.

    This man accidentally shot himself and was sentenced to two years in prison. George Zimmerman got out of the safety of his vehicle with a gun, followed an unarmed teenager, shot him dead and is pronounced innocent! This makes absolutely no goddamn sense at all!!!!!


  4. RICHMOND, Va. — Michael Vick was sentenced to prison Monday for running a dogfighting operation and will stay there longer than two co-defendants, up to 23 months, because he lied about his involvement when he was supposed to be coming clean to the judge who would decide his fate.

    Michael Vick was sentenced to prison for inhumane treatment of dogs and yet Zimmerman killed a teenager and gets away scot-free?????!!!!! Oh, yes indeed, this is AmeriKKKa where if you’re Black, your worth is less than that of a dog according to the criminal ‘justice’ system which is racist to its very core. Justice is blind? Hell if it is! ‘Justice’ doesn’t know you if you’re Black!!


    1. Brian, you’ve got that right! Appalling is exactly what it is especially when people get prison time for tax evasion but are found innocent after having killed an innocent Black child for doing no wrong.

      Snipes, 50, was convicted of three misdemeanor counts back in 2008 for failing to file tax returns from 1999-2001. During the three-year period, Snipes cheated the government out of $7 million, reports New York’s Daily News. He lost an appeal for a retrial in 2010, which resulted in his being sentenced to three years at a McKean Federal Correctional Institution in Pennsylvania, where he was housed with roughly 290 white-collar inmates.

      Next up!
      (CNN) — Right on schedule, singer Lauryn Hill reported to federal prison on Monday to begin a three-month sentence for failing to pay federal income taxes.

      Apparently, they did not get the memo from the likes of Mitt Romney and his ilk in how to stash your money in off-shore tax havens and then claim amnesty when it is offered by the IRS.

      So, let me see, you can go to prison for not paying taxes(dependent upon who you are or who you know or what you know or if you’re IN the know), but you get a ‘get out-of-jail’ free card for killing an unarmed innocent Black teenager. This makes sense, how?????!!!!!!


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