“My Soul Cries Out For Justice!”

stand your ground

Did you not gun me down and take my rights away?
When you ‘stand your ground’ and kill me, there’s nothing I can say.

I’m dead and still being tried, the burden is on me.
While I’m lying in a casket because I bought some tea.

Your legal team destroyed my name and said I was the thug.
Though I’m the one who’s dead and it’s you who pulled the plug.

I knew I’d be found guilty, it started at my birth.
There was never any doubt. I knew I had no worth.

I wore a target on my chest the minute I was born.
When you followed me that night, your eyes were full of scorn.

I stood no chance that rainy night against a gun and hate.
As I walked towards my destiny, I walked towards my fate.

My family, those who loved me, awaited me in vain.
Not knowing I lay dying out in the pouring rain.

So, you get to tell your side, and silenced me with death.
While you claimed I did you wrong, interfered with your good health.

My soul cries out for justice and to let the truth be known.
But I lie here in my casket, so cold and all alone.

I was seventeen years old, what crime did I commit?
I was born into a world where I never did quite fit.

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland
© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland

I am not about to stop posting about this tragic taking of a young life because, lest we forget……

6 thoughts on ““My Soul Cries Out For Justice!”

  1. Hello Shelby, Sorry I’ve been busy recently and haven’t had time to check in. It’s hard to believe a young man was killed needlessly and society still found a way to blame him for his own death.
    “I knew I’d be found guilty, it started at my birth.
    There was never any doubt. I knew I had no worth.”…about sums it up. Your poetry cuts to the heart of the issues so many alienated and marginalized youth feel every day. They’re smart enough to realize that society-at-large doesn’t give a whit about them and the corporate capitalists that run this country only see them in terms of profits as consumers or indentured servants.



    1. Jeff, thank you for your thoughtful and right on target post. I have been burning mad ever since I heard the verdict, though I knew what it would be. Just once, just ONCE, I would have liked to have been wrong, but it was not to be. How in the world can a person who was doing no wrong, be killed(and the killer walks free) then be ‘character assassinated’ too?. Seriously?! This is a new low even for AmeriKKKa! For the love of…….!!!! I will never be done with this! Never! Because of the fact that it Is So very wrong in every way!
      I thank you again for your comment. Bless you!!!


    1. With those words, you have made my day!! Thank you so much for coming to my blog! I have been reading yours and when I get back, I will comment! Your writing is so deep and it gets you to thinking. I shall return to it.


      1. The lines Jeff quoted … I am struggling with emotions that are always too hard to express without the big words most of us are not so accustomed to. So many millions of the innocent are blamed and killed as their “birth wrong” and the majority are silently watching, or even worse, trying hard to gain the ‘privilege’ to be members of the killers’ community.
        When I find a true treasure like your blog – as I felt the same about Jeff’s blog – I feel there is a hope to ignite the spark of a MORAL world-wide revolution. These are not only big words but something I so deeply believe in.

        Thank you for your unique, soul-touching poetry, filled with so much wisdom – you are that SPARK, Shelby!


  2. Skywanderer, bless your heart!! I am touched to my soul by your post! I truly am! I have always been a ‘sensitive’ person. I feel the pain and the suffering of others and through my poetry, I can somewhat express the suffering, the pain, the injustices perpetrated against the vulnerable, the oppressed and the innocent. I used to think that I was gifted with no talent whatsoever, but you and others, with your comments have told me in no uncertain terms that one day, if I continue…I could possibly help to ignite deep thought that could lead to people actually caring about the plight of others and are willing to stand with them, beside them and for them. I promise you one thing, I will never stop trying because the changes that we need are too important not to try!

    Thank you ever so much for your truly uplifting and most kind words. I shall treasure them always!!!


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