No Truth Will Set Me Free


I told what I should not and went against the grain.
The truth I did expose. What would I stand to gain?

A loser I am called with no fortune and no fame.
I wish that I could hide my deep, abiding shame.

Cloak me from the prying eyes to hide my misery.
Why I so desire the dark, can be no mystery.

Each test, yes I did fail; there is punishment in store.
Theyโ€™ll hold me in contempt and shun me evermore.

I melt into the shadows, become one with the night.
There is safety incognito, not found in morning light.

What waits for me down yonder road?
I broke no moral code.

I thought the truth would set me free.
Why is that not to be?

The laws of God and man are not so well defined.
When a man can do whatโ€™s right and still get left behind.

There! On the horizon. Behold, what do I see?
Endless nights of pacing in a prison built for me.

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland
ยฉ 2013 Shelby I. Courtland

16 thoughts on “No Truth Will Set Me Free

    1. Thank you tubular! I just wish that I did not feel compelled to write it but unfortunately, we’re not in the land of spread the truth and it will set you free. Instead, you tell the truth, expose the lies and deceits and get jailed for your efforts. This young man, Bradley Manning should not be imprisoned for the rest of his life for doing what his conscience dictated he do. Sad times we’re in, sad times indeed.

      Bless your heart and thank you for stopping by!


  1. Hello – just found your blog through Jeff’s latest post.
    You are a stunning poetic talent and your poems resonate with me so deeply. Sublime blog – I will be following ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. I am SOOO blushing from the compliments!! Thank you ever so much! I cannot tell you just how much your words mean to me!! I am following you as well! You have got it going on!! I thank you again!!!


      1. Shelby, I thank You! And I do mean every single word – it is a true blessing to read your poetry: a unique combination with so deep humanity through such a powerful expression!

        I am so honoured and glad to read your kind replies – thank you so much for visiting, for following back and for the Likes. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Update: Pfc. Bradley Manning has been acquitted of aiding the enemy, however, he could still face up to life in prison on the other charges. He will also be ‘dishonorably’ discharged. What I would like to know is since his ’employers’ are dishonorable, how could he be anything but ‘dishonorably’ discharged? The ‘honor’ should be all his. It is my opinion that he should be released based on time and torture served!


    1. You know Shelby, if what you would like to see actually occurred it would require an entire new appraisal of the military justice system.
      Wouldn’t THAT be grand. However, I don’t have that much faith in that happening. It would be wonderful if I were wrong.


      1. Unfortunately tubular, I don’t think that you are wrong about much, but it would be a pleasant surprise if you were. I know that if I was the judge sentencing Bradley Manning, he would be a ‘free’ man today, if it was in my power to make it so. This young man has suffered enough, especially for merely exposing the truth.


  3. Tubular, and so it is. But please be wrong with regards to what the military will now do to Bradley Manning. Alas, he has suffered enough for exposing the truth. The MSM may not have covered this trial, but Bradley Manning has had plenty of supporters. I know that probably does not mean much to him, going through what he is going through, but I certainly hope that he knows that not all of us are against him for what he did. It was the morally right thing to do. Unfortunately, those with any sort of morals are sadly lacking in the U.S. government and military!


  4. I thought it would be good to check out some of your older posts as I’m wont to do with blogs I follow. This poem is powerful and very relatable to me. I’ve done a bunch of the right things, followed the rules, graduated college, but I haven’t been that successful no matter how hard I work. There have also been times where I would tell the truth, but I end up looking like the bad guy. It’s no wonder I’ve been so disillusioned with life.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ospreyshire, join the club. I too, am totally “disillusioned with life.” What is there to look forward to? Not a damn thing. What Chelsea Manning exposed did what? Again, nothing. The powerful just continue to get away with whatever they want while the rest of us suffer and live miserable lives no matter what we try to do about that. We spend a truckload of money trying to get a good education because that’s what they tell us we need to do and yet so many are waiting tables or serving coffee at Starbucks even with numerous degrees because they can’t find a job. So many with a college education have had to move back in with their parents and that is a damn shame.

      And those who are good are always demonized and made to seem as though they are the problem because if you look around, good is not winning, evil is and that will continue.

      I’m sorry I just got around to answering your comments, but I have been too despondent to even visit my own blog, that’s how it is with me now.

      But I truly thank you for your comment.

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      1. Sure thing and I can see that. How exactly was her revelations dangerous? That’s certainly true about the richest people get away with everything and how poor and even middle-class people with degrees or certifications have to work multiple jobs. Many of them are irrelevant to their degree. It wasn’t fun paying student loans and I work two jobs. Only one of them involves something I’m certified for and both of them are irrelevant to the Bachelor’s Degree I got. Even then I should be making more. Not to have an age bias, but the millennials got hit super hard in school and afterwards. Say what you will about my generation being selfish, entitled, or making jokes about avocado toast, but we’re making way less than a lot of the previous generations.

        THANK YOU! Seriously, you have no idea how much I appreciate your worldview on the whole real life good/evil paradigm. I’ve been calling this “inverted morality” where evil is good and good is evil in this society with who gets lauded or demonized. It’s like a scripture from Isaiah proven to be all too true with how evil is exalted. I’m not being preachy since even those who consider themselves religious seem to ignore those words. I’m just adding to your point.

        There’s no need to worry about that, Shelby. I get it.

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      2. Only the empathic will ever get it Ospreyshire. The depraved, callous and indifferent assholes just don’t give a damn and feel free to say what ever is on your mind in here. I encourage it. You see I don’t have a problem speaking mine. But when the shit gets too damn deep, I just have to unplug myself or I’ll explode.

        You take care of yourself. And of course you know that there are many like us, I just wish there were more. Maybe then, we could get something done.

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      3. “Only the empathetic will ever get it.”

        Wow, I seriously never thought of it that way. Those were some wise words. Thank you for continuing to encourage me to speak my mind. I want to do my best to be kind, but truthful. However, I have so much anger especially when it comes to different subjects which I certainly won’t lie about. There are times where I don’t bother posting anything if I feel really irate.

        Thank you and likewise, Shelby. I wish there were more, too.

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