We Are The Terrorists


What rights do we have left? We have watched them fade to black.
There are those who tried to warn us. They’re on the torture rack.

They dared expose the truth; shed light on all the lies.
So many people dead, so many lost their lives.

The West destroyed the East; just look what we have done.
We always cross an ocean to take from everyone.

Wherever we have gone, the people always lose.
There is something that they have; there is something we can use.

We must control the world and all who live there in.
And every place we go, the killing will begin.

Not many we let live, our bloodlust’s never sated.
We will never stop, we’re loathed and we’re hated.

The innocent are the guilty. You’re so easy to deceive.
The truth is hard to take and so you won’t believe.

Do you understand how expendable you are?
Just ask Bradley Manning, he was a rising star.

He exposed our depravity, let the world know where we stand.
Liberty and justice and freedom have been banned.

Look at what we’ve done to him; we’d do the same to you.
Never doubt it for a minute. Our course is tried and true.

The dead did see it coming; they could not avoid attack.
Children cry for their mothers who are buried in Iraq.

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland
© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland

12 thoughts on “We Are The Terrorists

  1. This is the moment again when I wish I could honour your poem with thousands of Likes. What a breathtaking combination of the most beautiful poetic expression and revealing profound truths and political facts.

    If only this poem – and your blog – could be read by everyone!


    1. Oh Sky! I am truly touched by what you’ve written! My poetry and my take on what is going on comes from the heart and from what I feel and know is true deep in my soul. I know that the U.S. is wrong and is the cause of the majority of suffering around the world. We are the ‘instigators’. We love to see other countries in chaos and fighting amongst each other. Just look at what is going on in the Middle East. We started that. Some reports state that Iraq is on the verge of civil war. I could see that coming. Why can we never mind our own business and take care of the pressing issues that we have here in America? I just don’t get it! It’s not as if we’re all cozy and doing great. We’ve got to stick our nose where it is not wanted. For the love of …..!!!!

      Thank you so very much for your comment. It means the world to me!!!


      1. Shelby,

        Thank you for your wonderful comment! I so agree with you – the questions you have raised so eloquently are indeed the central ones we can only address from the first world.
        The way I see it, we are more in an accomplice role than of initiators. The ultimate enemy and terrorist is the international alliance of a small group who mislead, manipulate, divide and conquer the world, and who force the otherwise peaceful world-population into a wild, idle race among individuals and nations.

        Hence the unique relevance of your enlightening and empowering poetry!

        Thank you so very much for your kindness and for all your extraordinary thoughts. I feel the same way – your response, both here and on the other posts, means the world to me!


    1. I am speechless! Totally speechless! And as I am a southerner, it is extremely difficult to render a ‘southerner’ speechless as I am usually considered to be “the mouth from the south!”

      I am honored and humbled by your tribute! Thank you so very much Skywanderer!!!! Bless you!!!


  2. I am very sorry that I have to leave such a brief response. I really did write four long replies, each from my heart, and each was kicked off. So, for now, I am thanking you for the rare act of seeing the truth and speaking it – your voice rings out, cutting through the layers of lies. It connects us, and reminds me that no one can corrupt my knowledge of what it is to be human. Because I heard you sing the same human song I was born knowing.
    Keep singing.


    1. Thank you SO very much CClair! It does my heart good to know that there are others who can see beyond what seems to be the obvious or what we are herded into concentrating on while horrors are perpetrated in our name. As you can see, I have been singing since February and I certainly hope to continue! As Jeff states on his blog(Deconstructing Myths), “every voice is needed!”

      Your words mean so much to me, I cannot express to you just how much. But know that I treasure them!!!

      Bless your heart!!!


  3. Reblogged this on shelbycourtland and commented:

    If you have any doubts about who the world’s leading terrorist organization is, let me put it this way, It ain’t ISIS or ISIL or al-Qaeda or the Muslim Brotherhood, it is the U.S. Government. We ARE the terrorists!
    How 6 million People Were killed in CIA secret wars against third world countries.
    You are somewhere busily fearing al-Qaeda and wondering what ISIS might unleash on America when you should be fearing your own goddamn filthy ass, murdering government!


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