America:Creator of Terrorists and Exiles

committed war crimes but are not imprisoned, nor in exile
committed war crimes but are not imprisoned, nor in exile
in exile for leaking the truth
in exile for leaking the truth

Dismantle Lady Liberty and send her back to France.
The poor and the homeless never stood a chance.

Edward Snowden is in exile, but not where you might think.
Bradley Manning did no wrong and yet he’s in the clink.

The Russian President has said he’s sick and tired,
of cleaning up our mess in which his country’s mired.

Obama’s throwing a fit; he did not get his way.
He is quite upset at what Putin had to say.

The ‘terrorists’ are gleeful since we are on alert.
The power of the government, again they did subvert.

As all of this plays out; it really is absurd,
if you can’t figure out why all of this occurred.

Ask Bush and Cheney, they are the reasons why.
A senseless war was started because they told a lie.

But are these two in jail? Are they not walking free?
If I commit a crime, the jail has room for me.

Even Ronald Reagan had a nice affair.
That Iran-Contra thing did rearrange his hair.

Did he not ‘arm’ Iran, bed down with Noriega?
And smell just like a rose all over Nicaragua.

History played this down, to hide our dirty deeds.
We fund terrorism when it fits in with our needs.

This country has no claim on morality and such,
when we prosecute the innocent, but the guilty? Not so much!

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland
© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland

The Reagan administration had been negotiating with terrorists (despite Reagan’s repeated public position that he would “never” do so). There were illegal arms transfers to Iran, flagrant lying to Congress, soliciting third country funding to circumvent the Congressional ban on financing the contra war in Nicaragua, White House bribes to various generals in Honduras, illegal propaganda and psychological operations directed by the CIA against the U.S. press and public, collaboration with drug kingpins such as Panamanian strongman Manuel Noriega, and violating the checks and balances of the constitution.

“If ever the constitutional democracy of the United States is overthrown,” the leading political analyst of the scandal, Theodore Draper wrote at the time, “we now have a better idea of how this is likely to be done.”

Despite the gravity of the scandal, and the intense political and media focus it generated in the late 1980s and early 1990s, Iran-Contra has been largely forgotten.

The United States government has made a ‘business’ out of terrorism since the so-called founding of this country. So really, just who are we on ‘terror alert’ from? Ask the American Indians.

…..and the beat goes on…..

2 thoughts on “America:Creator of Terrorists and Exiles

  1. Our genocidal past defines our present and foretells our future. You are right on that we (the U.S.) are the terrorists of the planet. How much profiting off of death and destruction is enough? How much dominance of other cultures and lands is sufficient for our rulers? I probably don’t want to know the answer. Good stuff as always, Shelby.


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