For Shame!

Once, I would have said that Bradley Manning deserves the Nobel Peace Prize, but since Obama has one, quite obviously, it has no meaning anymore. Therefore, I can only state that Bradley Manning should be FREE!!!!

Once, I would have said that Bradley Manning deserves the Nobel Peace Prize, but since Obama has one, quite obviously, it has no meaning anymore. Therefore, I can only state that Bradley Manning should be FREE!!!!

Awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for torture...and what's more, he's proud of it!

Awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for torture…and what’s more, he’s proud of it!

I awake, screaming in the night,
knowing where I am and paralyzed with fright.

Eyes wide from terror, body drenched in sweat.
My tormentor’s coming back, I know what to expect.

I hear the cell door clang; I am thrown to the floor.
He kicks me in the gut; where I am already sore.

Will the torture never end? My body’s had enough.
Yes, these are Americans who are treating me this rough.

A gun put to my head, the trigger is released.
They do this every day and then call me, “the beast!”

Obama’s in control; the commander-in-chief,
who promised us transparency, then stole it like a thief.

Deception and transparency do not go hand in hand.
Horrific acts of torture can be found throughout this land.

The leaders of this country are corrupt right to the core.
People need to know just what they’re paying for.

I am tortured every day for exposing all the lies.
Did Obama not receive a Nobel Peace Prize?

What does it mean to him? Not a thing and that’s for sure!
If he ever had the truth disease, I see he found a cure.

I’ll spend my life in prison; unlike others I could name.
Those who order torture are the ones still in the game.

I was young and so naïve when arrested in Iraq;
for leaking secret documents and I take nothing back.

Torture is the shame; not sharing what I knew.
I’m at peace with myself; the shame belongs on you.

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland
© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland

Under the Obama administration, seven Espionage Act prosecutions have been unleashed – more than all those initiated by previous presidents combined. Of those that have been completed, prosecutions have either failed – as in the case of Thomas Drake, a former NSA official against whom all 10 charges were dropped – or led to a prison term for non-Espionage Act charges, as in the case of John Kiriakou, who is serving a 30-month sentence for disclosing classified information about a fellow CIA officer.

“The Manning verdict takes us to a whole other level,” said Liza Goitein, who co-directs the Brennan Center for Justice’s liberty and national security programme. “The government has done a poor job in thinking through the potential effects of this prosecution.”

Though Manning was found not guilty of the most serious charge, “aiding the enemy”, Goitein suggested that multiple convictions under the Espionage Act are certain to have a chilling effect across public information. “This will discourage the average whistleblower, an official who maybe has just a few classified documents that reveal corruption or wrong-doing and who ensure[s] accountability in the system. This will shoot down the least offensive, and the most valuable leaks.”

If the Obama Administration was all about ‘transparency’ then why has this administration prosecuted more ‘whistleblowers’ than all other presidents combined????!!!! This speaks volumes about the corruption that is rampant in this administration to the point where they are hell bent on attempting to prosecute those who have exposed their spying and their filthy war crimes, and then try to make an example out of them to discourage others from shedding light on their crimes and depravities. We have sunk to a new low in America when a corrupt government can point to a man and say “you are guilty because you exposed the truth that we did not want exposed and laid us open to claims of hypocrisy even though that is exactly what we are,” and many of us jump on the bandwagon. We do not care that this man is being subjected to torture and will most likely spend the rest of his life behind bars. I am so terribly sorry that unlike Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning was unable to seek sanctuary.

There is something terribly wrong in America when Russia is granting asylum to someone seeking asylum coming FROM America! America was supposed to be a beacon for people seeking relief from persecution and now the roles are reversed. We are the persecutors!…but then again…haven’t we always been?

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