Another Young Black Male Dead, Another Protest Rally to Attend

What: We Are Terrance Franklin Solidarity Rally/March When: Saturday, August 17th at 1:00p.m. Where: Downtown Minneapolis Hennepin County Government Center Why: Another ridiculous excuse for the killing of another young Black male by the police

What: We Are Terrance Franklin Solidarity Rally/March
When: Saturday, August 17th at 1:00p.m.
Where: Downtown Minneapolis Hennepin County Government Center
Why: Another ridiculous excuse for the killing of another young Black male by the police

On May 10th, Terrance Franklin was shot to death by Minneapolis police after allegedly fleeing from a traffic stop and breaking into a house to get away from the police. Somehow, in the ensuing melee, the police claim that Terrance Franklin grabbed an officer’s gun, fired two shots hitting two officers in the leg and all the while, a police dog was restraining him and even though he was surrounded by police, at the same time, Mr. Franklin was also being shot in the back of his head five times and twice in the back.

That just makes too much sense for me to even believe.

According to the family of the victim, the police did not let them view their son’s body, nor did they give them any answers as to what really occurred. The information that Terrance Franklin was shot five times in the head and twice in the back was leaked and no one from the police department claimed responsibility for the leaked information. Meanwhile, the attorney hired by the family to seek answers, was given a video recording of the events captured after the shooting in which it has been stated that racial slurs can be heard being uttered by the police officers surrounding the scene.

Again, we have another cover-up of excessive force by ‘the force’ against yet another young Black man. This is prevalent all across America. If you take a look at the law suits that have been settled, you will find the majority are the result of police brutality against young Black men. Below is one among thousands.

Fired Minneapolis cop, now with St. Paul, accused of excessive force again

A former Minneapolis police officer, the subject of a lawsuit in the 1990s that the city settled for $500,000, is now a St. Paul police sergeant and again accused of excessive force.

A 32-year-old man alleges in a federal lawsuit that he was left with a broken jaw and fractured vertebrae after an encounter with St. Paul officers Paul Cottingham and Craig Rhode.

Here’s another one.

City to pay out $3 million for death in police misconduct lawsuit|MPLS.|

The Minneapolis City Council approved a $3.075 million settlement on Friday to resolve a federal lawsuit filed by the family of David Smith, a 28-year old Minneapolis man who was killed during a struggle with two police officers at a downtown Minneapolis YMCA in 2010.

The death of Smith raised questions about putting a suspect on his stomach, and holding him down by putting knees on his back, known as prone restraint. The Hennepin County Medical Examiner ruled the death a homicide.

We, the citizens of these cities, are paying the price of racism and police brutality that is rampant in police departments all across America because it is our tax dollars that are paying for the settlement of these cases. And yes, I do realize that it is not just young Black men who are victims of police brutality(see:…) however, Black males are a ‘minority’ in America but they make up the ‘majority’ of victims of police brutality and murder by police and a majority in incarceration rates.

Finally, let me ask this question AGAIN!!!!! Why the hell are we here(in America)? So then I ask, just what the hell is YOUR problem with us????!!! How simple can I make this? Those of us who are descendants of African slaves did not come to America, willingly. We are here through NO fault of our own. Our historical past with this country is not OUR fault and I for one am sick and damn tired of people of my complexion getting the shit knocked out of us for having the audacity to be descended from people who were DRAGGED over here to become slaves!! So because of your racism and your vicious hate, another young Black man is dead and I am attending yet another protest rally. Goddamn it to hell!! Even if this young man was guilty of a traffic stop violation and he chose to run, getting shot by the police five times in the back of the head and twice in the back is not justified. It is extreme deadly force, to say the least. And again, there are no answers(no believable answers), there are only questions, remaining unanswered.

Taken from: “Oh Child of Mine”

Oh child of mine, what have they done?
My baby was killed, you murdered my son.

With a broken heart, I search for answers.
There are none, just lots of questions.

There is so much wrong every where and I cannot be every where at once to speak out, but I will be speaking out tomorrow in downtown Minneapolis. And here we go again!

5 thoughts on “Another Young Black Male Dead, Another Protest Rally to Attend

  1. “Finally, let me ask this question AGAIN!!!!! Why the hell are we here(in America)?”
    Indeed that is the question – in fact in almost every country today we can ask the same. I remember when several years ago one of our neoliberal leaders (posing as a “socialist”) urged the austerity-stricken population: “if you don’t like it here, get the hell out of this country”

    As for the conditions in the US: parts from an article written at the time of Romney candidacy:
    “Again, many capitalist dictatorships privilege a dominant ethnicity, as with Apartheid South Africa or discrimination against native Chileans by the Pinochet regime in Chile. Fostering racism is a way of dividing and ruling the middle and working classes, of binding a segment of them to the dominant business classes.

    Obviously, the Romney version is capitalist dictatorship lite. But its strong resemblance to the full form of that sort of polity is highly disturbing. While these tendencies have existed on the Republican Right for some time, the sheer level of contempt for democracy as demonstrated in the Big Lies, the exaltation of war, the racial profiling, and the new extent of attempts at voter suppression and union-busting all indicate a sharp veering toward authoritarianism.”


    • Oh, yes! We are most definitely being ‘handled’ and many of us don’t have the sense God gave a goat to realize this. Our own biases and prejudices are being used to divide us and it is working, BIG TIME!!! The Christians are pissed off because gay marriage is being legalized all over the place. When unemployment soared in 2008, everyone was pointed toward immigrants and told, “they’re the problem!” ‘Illegal’ immigrants do NOT hire themselves. They are exploited because the companies that hire them do not have to pay mandated wages, nor be held accountable in other business practices relating to hiring undocumented workers. Those who stoke the flames of racial division will never stop because it is working so well in fostering ongoing ethnic wars thus initiating continued hatred and killing of people the world over. I despair of us!!!!!


      • Absolutely. You can explain all these relevant phenomena incredibly precisely to the very last detail. To me a discussion like this is refreshingly new because I can hardly spot anyone in either the mainstream or social media who understands is capable of this precision of discernment.

        Yes, the main divide-and-conquer strategy is targeting the immigrants in the first place – I also think they are the main victims of the neoliberal globalisation. The way they are exploited by mega-businesses like Wal-Mart is the top of all abuses in this our insane “free” market societies, where having no paperwork and no social security comes in especially handy for a company with total freedom to cut costs in any way they wish. As a result the illegal immigrants are often left without payment for their work altogether (!) and if the little slaves don’t like to work for free, they can just go back “home”. And of course, the white American citizen, when left without a job because of the overall recession, jumps into the conclusion to blame the immigrants as the cause of his misery, which then gives rise to more racism and xenophobia, that is, to more victim blaming,

        In my view even the fact of the US having a non-white president is part of same lie with the same purpose to expose the amazing success of a non-white person from an immigrant background, to justify the legitimacy of the system and to demonstrate to the poor masses how high they could get if they “work hard enough”.
        So everyone works to the last breath for the system of the Big Lie, and when everyone fail – which point one by one inevitably arrives – the victims blame themselves and one another for the failure, rather than blaming this merciless machine and those who are running it form them.

        And indeed another prime example for the Big Lie dividing and provoking the society is the gay red herring, which goes on ad nauseum to keep everyone busy with this distraction. The result is the militant “Christian” anti-gay propaganda and the militant secular anti-Christian propaganda – while the real enemy is laughing at both camps behind the scenes.


  2. Remember how Colin Powell lied to the U.N. about Saddam Hussein having WMDs and was ready to use them? I would not have the stomach to knowingly and willfully lie and know that my lie is going to cost hundreds of thousands of people, their lives.

    Then we turn to Obama who promised transparency and stated that his fundraising would consist of the every day people who could give only $5, $10, $20, etc., and then turned around accepted money from SuperPACs (political action committees). Not only do we find out that his administration was severely lacking in transparency, but had actually taken spying to a whole new level and is hell bent on imprisoning the spy who spied on the government spying on us. Then we have what they’re doing to Bradley Manning for exposing horrific war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama bailed out the frauds who brought the banking industry to its knees and yet, those same folks on Wall Street with their dirty dealings are raking in the dough, while the rest of us are dealing with program cuts to seriously need areas like housing for the poor and homeless, meals on wheels for seniors and head start programs for our children who are not getting a quality education in public schools.

    We have an incarceration rate that is out of the ballpark because we are hell bent on incarcerating away the so-called ‘War on Drugs’, which is just a bunch of bullshit to aid the privatization of prisons for profit. Convict labor is big business and it is cheap. We’ve got a plethora of issues here and not a damn thing is being done to solve a one of them. Everything that comes out of Washington is most definitely NOT in the interest of the average American citizen, quite the contrary. And this is by design. It is no accident.


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