Inner city grime.
Gang violence and crime.

Blood in the streets.
No justice, no peace.

Children malnourished.
An everyday occurrence.

For profit prison.

The poor, dead broke.
The homeless croak.

Money for missiles
and other projectiles.

Corporate greed.
Worker’s need.

Wall Street bailout.
Main street fallout.

Secret whispers.
Political prisoners.

Freedom denied.
Strategy devised.

Divide and conquer,
from a teleprompter.

Genetically modified.
All cut and dried.

Status? Obsolete.
Annihilation: Complete!

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland
© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland

4 thoughts on “Destruction!

    • Thank you Skywanderer! It just came to me after getting back from the protest rally! With everything that’s going on, I just cannot find it in me to write about ‘spring showers, sunbeams and real nice dreams’. Just can’t do it. It will not come. Thank you again!



      • Shelby: I totally agree with skywanderer! Excellent work. Oh, by the way ……. I have one spare sunbeam left ……. discount pricing in a capitalistic environment.


  1. Hand over the spare sunbeam! I expect no discount in a capitalistic environment. Not happening and we both know it! LOL

    Like I’ve already stated, I absolutely adore your sense of humor!! Bless your ever loving heart!


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