Did The Terrorists Go On Vacation With Obama?

He doesn't look concerned about a 'terror' alert to me!

He doesn’t look concerned about a ‘terror’ alert to me!

What happened to the ‘terror alert’? Did the ‘terrorists’ all meet up with Obama on vacation at Martha’s Vineyard and decide to forego their ‘terrorist’ activities until Obama finished his golf game?

A ‘terror alert’ was declared and then President Obama went on vacation. Embassies and consulates were closed, tourists were warned and yet our president did not seem unduly concerned enough to postpone his vacation. I wonder why. Actually, I don’t because the ‘terrorist’ was taking a vacation on Martha’s Vineyard. If the ‘terror’ threat was so serious, would a vacation be in order?
Although, to be fair, I did hear of several drone strikes in Yemen and a couple of civilians who were not deemed ‘terrorists’ got drone struck but no matter. They are resting peacefully knowing that they were merely ‘collateral damage’ in the Obama Administration’s ongoing terror war with itself. We’ve got to be kept in line you know. And the way to do that is to play on our fears that the ‘terrorist bogeyman’ is still at large. Just because he had Osama bin Laden taken out, doesn’t mean that the threat is over. How convenient for Obama that Osama, even though he was the son of a billionaire, was found in a hovel watching a program on a 10 inch television screen. Osama was just waiting to be picked off. That Obama, I gotta tell ya, he’s a really crafty fellow who can be very charming and engaging. When not ordering the spying on U.S. citizens and allies of the U.S. and torturing whistle-blowers while ordering the dropping of drones, he can be found enjoying the many artery clogging burgers to be found at many Washington D.C. carry outs or golfing on Martha’s Vineyard or relaxing at Camp David. Golfing is his favorite hobby between ‘terrorizing’ others. It has a calming effect after torturing whistleblowers like Bradley Manning. Not to mention, he’s still upset with Russian President Vladimir Putin for granting temporary asylum to Edward Snowden. No wonder Obama needed a vacation right after putting U.S. embassies and consulates on high ‘terror’ alert because…well..because he could.

In Obama’s world, the sky is always falling even though it is caused by him. We must all prepare ourselves because the ‘terrorist’ never rests. My bad…yes he does…only this time, it was on Martha’s Vineyard.

6 thoughts on “Did The Terrorists Go On Vacation With Obama?

  1. “It has a calming effect after torturing whistleblowers like Bradley Manning. Not to mention, he’s still upset with President Vladimir Putin for granting temporary asylum to Edward Snowden”

    Lol in a sad way … I also have the feeling that he isn’t really upset. I can’t get rid of the certainty that both the Manning and Snowden cases are staged power-demonstrations for mass-intimidation, just like the entire terrorist-story is.


    • Actually, you are right. He is not upset. I was being facetious. It is all a part of some monstrous game with them. As you can see, I am not intimidated at all and called it like I saw it on a previous post. To stage a high terror alert and then calmly board Air Force One and head for Martha’s Vineyard is beyond the end of enough. If you’re going to insist that there is a serious terrorist threat and proceed to close embassies and consulates and advise tourists to not travel to certain areas, if you want to be taken seriously, don’t immediately turn away from the teleprompter and go on vacation. Seriously???!!! I’ve had enough of that arrogant, egomaniac warning me to prepare for terrorists. If our government hadn’t been hell bent on terrorizing over two thirds of the world’s population, those who do worry about terrorist activities, would not have the slightest worry. I know I don’t!


  2. god Shelby! Just what do you have against a group of grown men taking a numbered club and hitting a tiny ball and then following it around a perfectly groomed lawn? Come on. Where is you sense of the absurd? Great post.


    • Tubular, you always know how to make me laugh!!! I absolutely ADORE your sense of humor! I never go anywhere without mine!!! LOL!!

      P.S. The ‘absurd’ is what some of us clueless Americans choose to believe. Can you just imagine how much money we could have made if we were in the ‘duct tape’ business? I hear that ‘tin foil’ is still a booming business too!! LMAO!!!

      Luv ya Tubular!!!
      Shy Brazen Hussy, that I am!!!!!


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