Life And Love Everlasting


Trapped in a useless body without the strength to feed myself.

Sitting alone, frowning as muddled thoughts flutter through an ancient brain.

There is no one to visit me as I have nothing to offer youth.

A burden, that I am and don’t I know it when once I loved and was loved.

To look at me now, no one could countenance the carefree spirit I used to be.

The years, they take a toll, pressing upon me how quickly time does fly.

Treated with indifference, rough hands sponge me; not concerned if I should die.

Without comfort, no cheer to lift my spirits on each new dreary day.

I am at the mercy of a disinterested staff; who fails to understand that their day is yet to come.

Would that I could but leap from this wasted body and dance and twirl to my heart’s delight.

In my salad days, a veritable virago was I and as bubbly as the finest French champagne.

I sung to my heart’s content, met many a dashing fellow; stayed true to only one.

When my time has come, will I see him? Will he hold out his hand to me?
As I stand on the final threshold, teetering on the brink and afraid to cross over,
will I see my darling love or does life just simply end?

That tune I hear; it was our song. We often danced the night away.

Is that you, my Angel? So it is true! There is love; eternal, everlasting.

Together again, hand in hand; I am on the dance floor with you.

The years have dropped away as I look deep into your eyes.

That smile I knew so well is stretched across your handsome face.

Kiss me, my love and hold me. We are together once again.

Oh yes, there is love; true love, eternal and everlasting.

Arm in arm, we step unhesitatingly into a brilliant and heavenly light.

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland
© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland

Those of you who have loved ones who are residing in nursing homes, please take the time to visit them. They are lonely and many of them are ill treated by the staff. Not only that, but they have most likely had the love of their life pass on and are even that much more lonely. I know that we are all busy in this helter-skelter world, but a few hours a week would help a lonely soul to get through another day when the only people they see on a daily basis view them as just a paycheck and not as a human being. Those lonely souls have feelings and scattered memories of days long gone. Love our seniors. They loved and cared for us and those whose memories have faded altogether would still appreciate a loving hug.

6 thoughts on “Life And Love Everlasting

    1. That is true Brian. Our society places so much emphasis on youth and beauty, the aged are looked upon as though they should be hidden away, as though age is a disease and not a part of life that all must face unless we depart this life before we reach the age at which we are considered, senior. Nursing home abuse is always in the news and if it is so prevalent then surely that would mean that the staff feels as though they can get away with it because there is no one visiting, no one who cares enough to make sure that their elderly family member or loved one is taken care of. We are busy yes, but we should never be too busy to look out for one another.

      Thank you for your comment.


  1. Life is tough, Brian. But I’ll tell you this, there is no better place in my life than right now. That’s all we’ve got. And there has never been a better place in my life than where I was. It’s all now. That’s all we’ve got!

    And Shelby, “youth and beauty”? Who in the fuck gives a shit what this society is emphasizing! The only freedom is self. The rest is illusion ….
    as fun as I find it …….. still illusion.

    Man! Who in their right mind would want to “. . . react to them (your surroundings) as when you were young”, Brian. Not me, dude!

    No you guys, I’ll take the hand when it’s dealt. Life is improvisational.



    1. Tubular, unfortunately many people give a goddamn about what this society emphasizes. It should not be that way, but there it is. How many times have you heard of men who get hair implants because balding is frowned upon. An aging man will almost give himself a heart attack by downing a handful of Viagra or Cialis. Women submit to the knife and Botox injections to keep old age at bay. I recently read where a woman in Iowa swallowed a tapeworm to lose weight. Society places an emphasis on youth and beauty. I don’t make the rules and I certainly don’t live by them. I’m just stating the obvious and that is that many people are ruled by the dictates of society. People are not hired because they are too old, too big, too ugly, etc. We are judged every day on appearance alone and that has had a devastating impact on the young people of today because they feel as though they, too must conform. Sad state of affairs, sad state indeed. But there you have it.


    1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I was overwhelmed when I checked my email and found that you had noticed my other writings and had taken the time to read them and decide what you liked. You have no idea how much I do SO appreciate your doing that as quite often, I feel as though I am ‘preaching’ to the choir, meaning myself. No ‘Hollywood star’ ever had a fan more loyal than you are and again, I thank you from my heart!!


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