“Peace, Be Still”

war is not peace

Is peace the end result of war?
Or is endless war, the result of war?

Has peace ever stood a chance?

If war is hell, then why be at war?
There is no honor, no glory in war.
There is only destruction.

War is not a means to an end.
It IS the end.

Why are wars fought?
What is to be gained?

War is not a last resort.
War IS the result.

War has no conscience.
War is without consideration.
War is not the answer.
War is the end.

The end does not justify the means,
when the end is death.

Give diplomacy a chance.
There is no finality in diplomacy.

If you cannot kill your sister,
why then can you kill mine?

Look into my eyes.
Can you kill me?
You answered, “yes.”
Your soul is dead.
All hope is lost.

Peace never stood a chance.

There lies a broken, twitching body,
in the last dance of death.

And the war drums beat on
in this war torn land,
where peace has never been known.
No shadow of an ancient memory.

With fresh wounds quickly bandaged,
sent back to the front lines
to resume the fighting until we win.
Win what? What is to be gained?
A war torn land drenched in blood?
Who lives there? The ‘War’riors?

You say that you are ‘war weary’,
whereas, I am the ‘war dead’.

When there is no one left to kill,
with eyes wide shut;
a frozen cry on my lips
I hear a whisper,
“Peace, be still.”

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland
© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland

4 thoughts on ““Peace, Be Still”

  1. ‘Once again this will surely be wrapped up by christmas.
    Each new war seems different, yet always the same,
    With the cheerful delusion of quick, easy triumph.
    The war’s never over; we just change its name.
    We make war without end, but we do change the names.’


    • Indeed, “a war by any other name is still a war.”

      It seems that I am always marching and protesting against ‘killing’ or signing petitions against invasions, making signs, holding signs, shedding tears over needless loss of life and so I gear up for another day of protesting.

      Thank you I.I. Frederick, your comment sums it up.


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