“Bombs Bursting In Air!”

syrian flag and american bombs2

The air strikes in Syria are soon to commence.
People of Syria, do not take offense.

We are striking to save you; you will thank us one day.
That pipeline you’re building, there’ll be some delay.

Israel is our friend, so please understand.
We’re like lovers on a beach; walking hand in hand.

Those chemical weapons that were used on you,
were made by us and we’ve used them too.

We really don’t care that you’ve suffered so much.
The Israeli’s are rich, their wealth you can’t touch.

We will defend their right to exist.
For your sake, fight the urge to resist.

When we bomb you, Iran is next.
With both destroyed, we’ll feather our nest.

It is written in stone, the dye is cast.
The first bomb will strike; it will not be the last.

“And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air,”
“will give proof through the night that ‘your’ flag won’t be there.”

“O say does your star-spangled banner yet wave,”
“O’er the bombing of your land, and the homes you can’t save?”

I would like to take this opportunity to say that I am totally AGAINST the bombing of Syria. I have made that quite clear to those who claim to ‘represent’ me. They do not listen to us. This war that is soon to be fought against Syria will not stop with Syria, it will continue as there will be yet another excuse to war with Iran and who knows what country will be next. All that I can say to the countries in the Middle East that are on our ‘war’ list, you have my deepest and sincere sympathy, for all its worth. There are millions of us who are against this and we would stop it if we could. But we are as powerless as you are to stop it.

We claim to be a ‘Christian’ nation and yet this ‘Christian’ nation was founded on war and has been at war of some sort ever since. We will not stop. We shall not stop. We are war mongers. We are not saviors. We are destroyers. We are the hypocrites that are spoken of by Jesus in the Bible. We are not the ‘Christians’ who followed Jesus. We follow the almighty, that is true, but we follow the almighty dollar. We never send aid unless we will get something in return. We always have an agenda. As I’ve said in my poem, “We Are The Terrorists,” ‘where ever we have gone, the people always lose, there is something that they have, there is something we can use’. Once again, we are NOT humanitarians so please do not ever ask help from the U.S. as you will only die and regret it!

With a heavy heart,
Shelby I. Courtland

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