We Are Not A Christian Nation!

"This is worse." ....indeed it is.
“This is worse.”
….indeed it is.

We are not a Christian nation.
We are an a’bomb’ination.

We are not holy and sanctified.
We are clueless and hypnotized.

We walk around all glassy-eyed,
Vain and proud and full of pride.

We value glitter and golden rings.
We sold our soul for material things.

We preach about Jesus, and turn our back
to build the bombs we use to attack.

No psalms are read, only palms to grease.
We talk the talk and then do as we please.

So many churches and yet, no peace.
They amass a fortune from the flock they fleece.

Their God’s commandment, “thou shall not kill,”
is all but ignored while they seek a thrill.

Love they neighbor? They love them not.
They’ve a soul in decay and a body of rot.

The victims of war are not their concern.
Helping the poor is not a lesson they learn.

If you’re weak and broke, no Christian you’ll see.
They’re building more bombs to send over the sea.

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland
©2013 Shelby I. Courtland

12 thoughts on “We Are Not A Christian Nation!

    1. Thank you for your enthusiastic comment Tube! I sincerely appreciate it. It is true! We ARE an a’bomb’ination! And that is a fact! I do not state it proudly. At this moment in time, I can most honestly state that I am not proud to be an American and I NEVER will be. They can cart my ass off to Guantanamo, but I will still maintain that I am NOT proud to be from a nation of heathens and hypocrites who spout peace and goodwill toward man and then turn around and bomb the hell out of them! They can keep that shit! I’m not interested in their so called, ‘Christian religion’!


      1. Now Shelby. Let’s look at the bright side. What you say is true and I agree with you 100% but the U.S. and it’s “Christians” ARE CONSISTENT!

        Tubularsock can’t join you in Guantanamo, however ……. I don’t look good in orange.


  1. Oh yes, they ARE consistent, but with where we’re headed, you may want to keep trying on ‘orange’ outfits just to get the look down because you never know, you may be wearing it without YOUR consent and joining me, AGAIN…without YOUR consent. Of course, ‘I got your back’ that is until they strip it from me. I’m such a pessimist.


    1. You know, I was just the other day checking out a little orange outfit at Ralph’s (that’s Lauren) and it didn’t look all that bad with a turtle neck and Gucci sneakers. I am going back today and getting it. Just in case you are correct about my possible travel plans. Thanks Shelby …….. you are so, like in the know!


      1. Actually, orange is not my color either, however, if I’m being ‘tortured’, I’ll likely see every color of the rainbow and some that I’ve never seen. But I seriously don’t think I’ll have to worry about an orange jumpsuit, they like to keep prisoners in the buff. So, you probably will not have to worry about how you might look in ‘orange’. I promise I won’t peek if I see you being dragged in front of me and you’re in the buff. What I’d like to know is, what am I going to do about my ‘maidenly blushes’?


      2. Shelby I believe that your “maidenly blushes” can easily be covered by the latest e.l.f. cosmetic blushes from the e.l.f. Studio @ 741 Broadway, NYC! Or even better to fit with our theme are the “MAC All About Orange Powder” blush from MACYS!

        As far as torture, Tubularsock isn’t scared. They only torture if you refuse to give them information and Tubularsock would “sing” faster than Snowden! In fact, did you know that Tubularsock was the “mastermind” behind 911? And he admitted THAT way before they threatened him with waterboarding! It doesn’t take Tubularsock 180 waterboardings to cop to evil!


  2. Tube, the jailors of Guantanamo are not going to allow me to bring in my cosmetics. Quite obviously, I am just going to have to turn beet red and be done with it. I’m told that ‘red’ is my color anyway, or at least one of them.

    I knew bin Laden was not the mastermind behind 9/11. I just knew it! And your confession proves me right. Someone has gone and done a big ‘boo boo’ because according to you, he was…..drumroll please, INNOCENT! Now golly gee, why am I not surprised? You are baaaad, very baaaad! No dessert for you!


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