Who? Do You Really Want To Know?


Who blew up the twin towers and blamed Osama?

Who filled the Middle East with so much drama?

Who trains the rebels and then calls them ‘al-Qaeda’?

Who is spying on us and then collecting our data?

Who deposed Morsi and who killed Gaddafi?

Who despised the airmen but entertained the Nazi?

Who never loses and who always wins?

Who is always around when the killing begins?

Who started a war with the people of Iraq?

Who blows up planes when there is no attack?

Who is trying to bomb Syria to take out Iran?

Who bombed Nagasaki and Hiroshima in Japan?

Who is helping the Israelis to kill the Palestinians?

Who grounded the plane that angered the Bolivians?

Who ordered the drone strikes in Pakistan?

Who murdered women and children in Afghanistan?

Who mutilated bodies of the Japanese dead?

Who hid the fact that paint contained lead?

Who is poisoning our food, our air and our water?

Who controls the banks down to the last quarter?

Who caused a reactor to melt to the core?

Who is behind the population becoming so poor?

Who always causes pain? Who do you think?

Who will connect the dots and who will follow the link?


Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland






So, we want to start a war with another country because we are pissed off because we have ‘alleged’ that their government used chemical weapons? Seriously? We really want to go there? With all of our shit and not a goddamn leg to stand on?!!!!! We need to sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up!

11 thoughts on “Who? Do You Really Want To Know?

  1. Shelby-
    As always, now I wish again I could put a million likes to your writing.
    The explosive power in your expression of how one feels while going through this painful process of awakening, is breathtaking.
    As for me, probably the worst part of this process is when I understand how brainwashed I was, the shame that I ever acted and spoke in support of this monstrous establishment and didn’t cry out loud much-much earlier against it.

    This poem also illuminates the ever widening gap between the majority and the elites, which are yet put into one bracket when referred to by the name of a country: USA.


    1. Thank you Skywanderer! Our government has done some filthy shit and to make us hate the people in the Middle East, we blew up our own people because by doing so, it ensured that we would be 110% behind whatever our government deemed necessary to tear the hell out of the Middle East and it succeeded, just as they knew it would. Like I’ve stated before, we’ve got our distractions and we’ve been pointed in the direction of our common ‘enemy’ and now so many Americans hate the Muslims and before 9/11, as far as I know, I never really heard anything about the people of Islam or Muslims or even much about the Middle East. Now, you cannot escape hearing something daily about the Middle East and Muslims.

      Look at all the experimenting they’ve done on different ethnic groups to see what effects certain medicines or diseases had on them. That is why we have foods that are killing so many people, turning them into obese, diabetic, pill popping insaniacs. The U.S. is the pill popping capitol of the world, pharma and the government through the FDA is making sure of that and then every time you turn around, there’s some medication that is being pulled because the drug companies hid damaging side effects.

      If we took the time to read up on just a third of the atrocities that have been committed by the U.S., it would sicken you. When I read the links I posted, I winced several times and just had to shake my head over it all. How ‘humans’ can treat each other like shit and still call themselves ‘human’ is beyond me.

      Thank you for your ‘glowing’ comment and no pun intended, although what with the Fukushima plant leaking so much radiation into the Pacific Ocean, if we’re not glowing in the dark, we soon will be.


  2. Very, very well stated!!

    I watched a documentary on our war on drugs in S. America over the weekend…as they talked about all of the chemicals the US has sprayed across countries there in an effort to wipe out coca growers I (once again) was sickened by the hypocrisy of our leaders. What are all of those chemicals we’re spraying on other country’s land if not poisons? And by what right or authority are we taking such action? We can, therefore we will? I bet the citizens of the countries we *help* are just eternally grateful to have a big ol’ Uncle protecting them, eh? >.<


    1. Thank you for your comment MisBehaved! There have been reports of chemtrails over here. People are wondering just what the hell they are spraying on us. People of my complexion have many reasons to be leary of even getting vaccinated, at least those of us who have read up on the ‘Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment’. They used a similar experiment on the people of Guatemala. We have never had a problem using people as guinea pigs, knowing that what was being done to them would lead to birth defects, horrific illness and even death. We have used chemical weapons on our own citizens and those of other countries and yet, we are now outraged over the alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria. Really? Our ‘hypocrisy petticoat’ is showing. How embarrassing! We need to ‘cover’ that shit back up!

      Oh, indeed, I am sure that the citizens of other countries WOULD be ‘eternally’ grateful if we would just leave them the hell alone!

      Thank you again for stopping in! It is much appreciated!! BTW, I love your work!!


      1. Doesn’t it just amaze you that so many people can still be willing to defend the actions of our leaders to the death? People will say offhandedly, “oh, what was done in Tuskegee or St. Louis or Philly was just awful” but then use the next breath to call ya crazy for mentioning chemtrails. There is a huge disconnect in understanding that what has been done before can, will and most likely be, repeated. What makes anyone think our leaders have really changed over the past hundred years? Have they gotten nicer? As in…was Reagan more kind than JFK? And if not, why in the HELL do people expect out gov’t will act better or more humanely now than it has in the past?

        Agh…sorry, didn’t mean to hop off on a rant but it really blisters my brain trying to understand how most people think or why they support the things they do… >.<


    2. The fun part MisBehaved Woman is the American government is an equal opportunity sprayer. “Uncle Sam” assists Big Agra to spray all kinds of shit within this country that have known bad health affects but hey, profit trumps health.

      With the CIA shipping drugs and the too big to fail banks laundering the drug cartels cash, of course the U.S. has to spray those little coca growers to oblivion. You have mistaken it for hypocrisy but in reality it is just part of the tried and true practices of business as usual!


      1. MisBehaved, people do not want to hear the truth. They do not want to know because then they would have to accept that their little ‘Utopian’ world is just an illusion, that shit is really going down and that it is only a matter of time before it will be their turn. They think that if they duck and act brain dead, that that will save them when it comes their turn to get their ass handed to them. As long as the finger is pointed at someone else, they’ll jump on the bandwagon because they know that it is in their best interest that that finger IS pointed in another direction and not in THEIRS. But they don’t get it, because like Tubular stated, the government is an ‘equal opportunity kick your ass’ government which means, eventually it will be everyone’s turn to become the next ‘expendable’ collateral damage. It is not a question of IF, only a question of WHEN.
        We have seen our rights all but wiped out. They’ve shredded the constitution and then have the nerve to quote the so-called ‘founding fathers’ when it suits them even though the ‘founding fathers were no better; slave owning hypocrites that they were spouting off about “we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal” while brandishing a whip over their slaves.

        History keeps repeating itself as you can see because we have not learned a thing. We still have slavery in the form of the Prison Industrial Complex. We’re still crossing oceans to take from others, we’re still deciding the fate of others. We have yet to reconcile the fact that slavery is impacting African-Americans to this very day. They have pissed on those who struggled and marched and got arrested during the Civil Rights Movement by tearing the hell out of the Voting Rights Act. We are going back and not moving forward and towards a better tomorrow. We are hell bent on wiping out any hope OF a tomorrow for ANYONE!
        It just makes my blood boil as you can tell. Hell! I could write a book on the evils of this government and what it has done and will continue to do to innocent people, the world over.

        I just finished reading a blog post of yours about what happened in Nevada. That just proves my point even more.

        Thanks again!


    3. MisBehaved Woman, Tubularsock’s quick overview answer to your question
      “ . . . why they support the things they do …”

      FEAR coupled with that bull shit being pushed, Exceptionalism!


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