The Homeless Prostitute



She’s bruised and she’s battered; she’s out there on the street.

She’ll suck your cock or straddle you; it’ll all be quick and neat.


She has nowhere to go, so it will have to be your place.

She’s not easy on the eye; best not look her in the face.


She’s the homeless prostitute; she uses sex to get her fix.

She’ll make you feel real good; she’s turned some real mean tricks.


The back door or the front door, it’s all the same to her

she’ll take it in the mouth and she’ll tell you, “thank you sir!”


She’s found in every city, and the Johns are all the same.

She’d never settle down, no one even knows her name.


She does just what she wants, she always aims to please.

She’d even fuck the devil and he’d get a new disease.


She’s got a racking cough, she’ll just mix it with your cum.

When the STDs take hold, you’ll wish your private parts were numb!

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland

Disclaimer: I am not making fun of the homeless, so make no mistake about that. However, it was brought to my attention that since “sex” sells that I should incorporate “sex” into my poems about the homeless. So, in essence, I am fighting fire with fire.

8 thoughts on “The Homeless Prostitute

  1. Shelby, when you lay down the truth the harsh reality smashes the shameful fantasy. Very will done!

    A sad and shattered world that seldom is exposed with honesty.
    Your word has power!


    1. Tubular, I’ve told you before in an around about way, that you challenge me. I learn so much from you. I have you to thank as you were the inspiration for this poem.

      Another disclaimer here folks:No, Tubularsock is NOT a John and I am just a “Brazen Hussy,” and not a prostitute. However, on the blog post, “Throwing In The Towel,” I had taken note that “SEX” will always get attention and Tubular just reiterated that and thus, “The Homeless Prostitute” was born.


      1. Could we call this shock poetry? We certainly put tremendous effort into distancing ourselves from plain truths about life, death and sex, don’t we? Thank you Shelby, for another powerful, honest post. – Linda


  2. How to even begin to “like” this? And to know that it is much worse than this. I have become desensitized as I live in Hell Land where they put women behind windows on display, showing their merchandise. They are the ones to show that it is not that ‘bad’. How about those that do not have a red light hiding the wear and tear? I have come upon them in my travels, to come back and find that they are here too. Hidden in plain sight.


    1. Indeed! No Black Pete, they are ‘hidden in plain sight’! Yes, I have heard about how they are put on display and “step right up and what’s yer pleasure?” Those whose ‘wear and tear’ show are the ones I was writing about. Many of them are addicts and people actually think it’s funny when they call someone a “$2.00 ho!” I had never actually met a prostitute until I was in Baltimore, Maryland and they would congregate in front of my apartment building. I listened to their life stories and it’s just so sad. I’ll never forget when that same apartment building burned to the ground and I was passing by it one day after the fire, two guys that lived two doors down from me, walked up to me and said, “we know that you need money since you lost everything in the fire, want to earn some now?” For some reason, many men think that every woman is a prostitute. I used to go for walks in downtown Baltimore, down to the harbor and I cannot tell you the numbers of times, a cab has pulled up beside me, wanting sex or when I got lost on the strip, there was a backup and all I could hear was, “name your price!”

      I don’t judge anyone, nor do I look down on people for what they feel they have to do to survive. But as hard a time as I have had it when trying to escape an abusive marriage, prostitution never entered my mind and some days, I had no food to eat and walked to work with the soles of my sneakers all but gone. There are some things that I will not do, but like I said, I don’t judge those who do. I feel sorry for them and I feel compassion for them because I do not know the ‘demons’ from which they maybe trying to ‘sell’ themselves away from.

      Thank you for stopping in.


      1. Thank you for your story. I am glad to read that you kept your mind right no matter the storm. In this society it is made out as if physical integrity is irrelevant. Here in Hell Land men may still take you out on a date, but when they realize that you do not put out for a 30 euro meal or whatever, they turn into sour grapes right before your eyes. Some guys will offer to tell you how easy it is to find someone else who will be very willing to put out without spending money on her.
        And I do judge. I judge a system that allows for human beings to behave like property only. And for human beings to accept that. And I judge that I do not have the solution either. For now, I can only resolve to not be used like a tissue – or worse – myself. Peace.


  3. Linda, I think ‘shock poetry’ would ‘cover’ it(no pun intended). Damn! I seem to be using that quite a lot lately.

    I believe that ‘prostitution’ has been ‘glamorized’ by Hollywood and the exposure of ‘madams’ who had high profile clients, former governor Eliot Spitzer, anyone?, Sen. David Vitter, a client of the so-called ‘D.C. Madam’. It has been ‘sensualized’ as though it is not the ‘crack’ addict on the corner selling herself for a hit. Oh, but my bad! Apparently, being a ‘call-girl’ is some sort of step up from your basic prostitution. We’ve got the up-scale prostitutes and the down-on-their-luck’ garden variety. Then of course, there’s the porn industry, but then that’s ‘legal’ prostitution, so I guess that doesn’t count. We just love to kid ourselves. Prostitution is prostitution regardless of how much money you make, they’re still selling sex and with all of the STDs, it is still a booming business, always has been and always will be. It’s just gotten worse with the addictions epidemic.
    Thanks for stopping in Linda!


  4. @No Black Pete, you are right! There are men just like that. There are also men who chat women up in grocery stores, in department stores trying to get sex and of course, they are married. These men are then going home and giving whatever they ‘pick’ up from random sexual encounters, to their wife or girlfriend and it is just sad that people think that the choices they make have no impact on others.

    The people that I judge are the ones who are responsible for the lack of affordable housing, who are responsible for the lack of treatment facilities for the drug addicted, who are responsible for the lack of mental health treatment for those whose minds are muddled, who are responsible for a society that forces people into situations that would move them to sell their precious body to survive. I meant that just because I did not succumb to prostitution because I was hungry and without money since I couldn’t use credit cards and was basically trying to stay off the radar so that my ex-husband wouldn’t find me, that I don’t judge those who did turn to prostitution to eat and to survive. It was just something that I could never bring myself to do, regardless of my circumstances. But yes, again, I do indeed judge those who are responsible for why there are so many millions in pain, the world over and it does NOT have to be this way, yes…those I DO judge. I judge the system because that is why these people are out there doing what they have to do! But, yes I get what you are saying and I am in total agreement.


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