WordPress Bloggers To The Rescue!




Dennis gets our morning off with coffee with the homeless.

Jerry keeps the ‘peace’ since the natives here are restless.


Skywanderer is busy as she shares just what we do.

Jeff will speak the truth and then he’ll hand the ‘mic’ to you.


Tubular’s in the ‘war room’ disguised as someone’s sock,

just waiting for Ms. Courtland to clean somebody’s clock.


MisBehaved Woman is doing what she does best,

protesting with a sign ’cause she won’t let it rest.


Shainbird on the other hand just wrote what she did see,

a lovely poetry piece and she’s posting it for free.


Meanwhile, Skywanderer just tweeted something nice,

to all her many fans who then re-tweeted twice.


I. Frederick’s in the room and she’s all in the know.

She tells it like it is, she’s the star of this here show.


Shelby Courtland is a wild one, who plays so many roles.

At times she’s rather brazen, at times she’s saving souls.


They’re a fine motley crew who will lead the revolution.

Tubular’s on the job, he’ll be the prosecution.


Our government’s got to go; it’s no longer for the people.

They give all to the rich but they hate the poor and feeble.


We’ll stand for one; we’ll stand for all, this time we’ll play it smart.

We’re going green and going clean; so Tube, you push the cart.


Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland


I hope no one who is mentioned gets upset. This is all in fun. It is just my way of thanking those who have stuck with me through all my ups and downs and who are always there to lend a supporting hand. For those of you that I’ve missed, please know that I thank you also for all that you do! I didn’t worry about ‘getting it right’ as this comes from the heart, so I hope you enjoy! Thanks!

And to all WordPress bloggers out there, this ones for you!!




17 thoughts on “WordPress Bloggers To The Rescue!

  1. What a lovely, cuddly piece!
    While am enjoying its peace
    Crawled into its cosy fleece
    Away from the stormy breeze
    Rhyming in lines like these
    My soul is finally at ease …
    Though still searching at the bottom:
    can we haz a Twitter button,

    Then bumped into this line or two:
    Dear Shelby, we love you, too!


    1. Thanks Sky! LOL! I hope you found some fun with this one and I certainly enjoyed your response. It’s going up on my wall, okay?

      You guys are the best and I love you all!!! You’re like family to me!!


    1. MisBehaved Woman, you are also an extremely hard worker, with all the relevant posting that you do, not to mention the poetry, we have a great blogging crew here and everyone is extremely talented in so many areas. I just wanted to take this opportunity to show my appreciation for all that you guys do, while also helping to keep the spirits up of those of us who falter occasionally. I thank you very much!


  2. When Brazen Courtland
    tries on nice

    It frightens Tube not once
    but thrice

    Tube puts the cart before the horse
    A simple belief in a counter force

    As for the pushing of the cart
    If Tube is late, go ahead and start!


    1. Tubular!!!!!!!! Hello!!!! You know I love ya!!! You know that I had to save the funny parts for you because you are just so hilarious! What a great comeback!!! I’ve still got room on my walls for this one. And don’t forget, I was not nice in the poem, remember I was getting ready to come in and ‘clean someone’s clock’…not to mention, no one absolutely NO ONE wants their soul saved by me! LMAO!!! You know, I’m bad ass Shelby!! You are terrific Tubularsock!! And you keep me in stitches!!! And when you post, we never know where you’ll be!! It could be the White House, a bunker in Pakistan, on a plane headed to Russia, on the Orient Express? Oh wait, didn’t they stop that? LOL!


  3. A rare bird in flight
    not scared to fight
    for others she has never met
    her heart will not let her forget

    that together we stand
    grasping outstretched hand
    declaring justice for just one
    is justice for none.


    1. Oh Jeff! Yours is going on the wall too!! I’m gonna have new wallpaper! I’m gonna have new wallpaper!! Thank you so much for joining in and for that wonderful poem. Each and every single one of you are unique and so very talented and I love you all!!


  4. What a generous, charming idea for a post. But Shelby … you are too kind. – Linda

    A mention in your poem? I’m unworthy of such honor.
    And if you look too closely, then I’m bound to be a goner!

    For you’re all impressive writers, articulate and bright
    Committed to a better world, to justice, peace and right.

    With good humor, cogent arguments, with passion and with play,
    The truth and solidarity are bound to win the day!

    Compared to such fine bloggers, I’m still an amateur.
    My work is slight and sloppy, undisciplihned for sure!

    But though I’m under-qualified to join this motley crew,
    I’ll proudly do my part, to carry on with all of you!


    1. You are most definitely NOT an amateur! That is amazing! Each and every one of the poems was simply amazing! You have gone and done it! I’ve got tears in my eyes! Let it not be said that there can be no emotion for words on a screen because:

      Though these are mere words on a screen,
      there is a heart behind this message.
      And though you may remain unseen,
      the inside is what counts, not the outside packag

      Bless you all, dear WordPress bloggers!!!!!, bless you all!!


    1. Awww golly gee Shainbird, you’ve gone and done it too. Made me get all teary-eyed and with the sniffles. I can’t do this again, as I will need a truckload of tissues! Bless your ever lovin’ heart!!

      Thank you so much for all the beautiful poetry that you share with us!


      1. You are most welcome, Shelby. I was truly taken away with this post. It was thoughtful and generous and it bridges the lovers of peace and goodwill. I am honored to have a mention among you all. Bless you for your strength, for your tears, and for the encouragement you give me.


  5. Shelby,
    Thank you for focusing on the truly magnificent power of worldwide communication: the power of men and women to reach out in the spirit of peace and friendship to their fellow brothers and sisters in every country on Earth – to literally create a new and better world.
    Thank you,


    1. No, Jerry, it is I who thank you because you are always on top of things with keeping the crisis involving Syria at the forefront and you’ve tirelessly posted blog post after blog post making sure that we stay awake on the issues. You are our ‘peacekeeper’ and I just had to acknowledge that fact. Thank you again for all that you do!!

      Bless your heart!


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