A Mighty Empire Crumbles

When a mighty empire crumbles

A mighty empire crumbles as the peasants all revolt.

The anger of the gods struck like a lightning bolt.

It seared the massive capitol, exposed the bags of gold.

The world watched in awe as this was once foretold.

That evil’s reign would end as the poor would find their voice.

Those weary souls rose up; they knew they had no choice.

They had to stop the beast and right was on their side.

A movement slowly formed; pushed by a rising tide.

Their fury was unleashed and the dam did overflow.

There were those who saw this coming so many years ago.

They stood as one together and faced their common threat.

Not one thought of surrender, it was time to go to bat.

Never did they flinch, nor retreat in mortal fear.

The armor of the righteous was their only battle gear.

They never gave up hope and their course was true and steady.

The time for change is ripe; and yes, we will be ready.

Shelby I. Courtland

© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland

8 thoughts on “A Mighty Empire Crumbles

  1. I’ve got my pitchfork in hand but I found all the peasants were at Starbucks!
    So I had an espresso. Now that is American Exceptionalism.

    Excellent poem and one closer to a million.


  2. So, it all comes back to, “The Sad, But Undeniable Truth,” does it? Oh, well…I did say that I would never give up, but if I am going to be ‘laughed’ at for being a ‘dreamer’, then so be it. Will we ever wake up? No! Will we ever recognize that we are contributing to the suffering of those who make the products that we stand in long lines for? No! You have only to read about that great ‘American Exceptionalism’ during the holidays when Americans are trampled to death by other Americans in order get a goddamn bargain on ‘Black Friday’.

    Never fucking mind, I’m done! Stick your goddamn pitchfork in me!


    1. Sky, my friend, great to see you as always!!! Don’t tell me that you’re running out of adjectives to describe my poor, humble attempts at poetry, eh? J/k

      My question to you, how can you be everywhere at once? I’ve just discovered another ‘kindred spirit’ over on your blog. Great work going on over there and I’ll be on over to comment on your recent post. Excellent, Sky, excellent!


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