Reparations, yes the Jews received; the Japanese as well.

Yet, those whose skin’s like mine are told to “go to hell!”

The Holocaust was shocking; that is widely understood.

How can we break the chains of slavery? There’s no way we ever could.


Black backs were broke and lashed, and rape was just the thing.

But the Jews, for their misery received what’s due a king.

Internment camps were used to detain the Japanese,

who received compensation soon after their release.


Descendants of the slaves are whipped unto this day.

They are used and abused in every single way.

Why were they not rewarded for the slavery of the past?

But the Jews are quite rich; indeed, their wealth is vast.


Is it all because of who they are and that their skin’s not Black?

Or is it due to attitudes that slavery’s not a fact?

If you buy yourself a human, you’re a nasty piece of work.

And if you lash his back and maim him, you’re more than just a jerk.


The slaves suffered much and they had nowhere to turn.

They were three-fifths of a person; no money did they earn.

A nation took from Indians and built on slavery too.

And with each new generation, their boot will land on you.

Do not speak of recompense, as it blows into the wind.

No descendant of a slave should ever be the white man’s friend.



Shelby I. Courtland

© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland


26 thoughts on “Reparations!

    1. I have screamed about the many hypocrisies perpetrated on people of my complexion until I have turned purple and still they keep coming!

      Thank you Tubular for your comment and the fact that you also get that the hypocrisy of this country is boundless!


  1. I think Malcolm X summed it up best:
    “If you are the son of a man who had a wealthy estate and you inherit your father’s estate, you have to pay off the debts that your father incurred before he died. The only reason that the present generation of white Americans are in a position of economic strength…is because their fathers worked our fathers for over 400 years with no pay…We were sold from plantation to plantation like you sell a horse, or a cow, or a chicken, or a bushel of wheat…All that money…is what gives the present generation of American whites the ability to walk around the earth with their chest out…like they have some kind of economic ingenuity. Your father isn’t here to pay. My father isn’t here to collect. But I’m here to collect and you’re here to pay.”


    1. I find that I am beginning to have much in common with Malcolm X as there are so many of his writings that mirror my thoughts exactly. I have of late, found myself quoting him more often than not.
      And you are so right, what you posted from Malcolm X summed it up most succinctly.
      Thank you!


      1. Yeah Malcolm was really ahead of his time. I have a lot of dvd’s with his speeches. It’s so funny that although they are over forty years old–they are still very relevant.


  2. Yes, Malcolm X was ahead of his time and I cannot forget Marvin Gaye and the songs he sung. They are just as relevant today as they were back when he first sung them. “Mercy, Mercy Me,” “(Inner City Blues)What’s Going On?” “Trouble Man” Those songs also spoke volumes.


    1. When I was younger I was really into Dr. King and did a lot of reading on him. As I’ve gotten older it’s Malcolm X who resonates with me more. Both men have left a tremendous legacy of truth and justice. Now it’s up to each one of us to make sure their efforts were not in vain.


      1. Jeff, I have recently read up on Dr. King and Malcolm X and I must say that I am ‘feeling’ Malcolm X more than I am ‘feeling’ Dr. King. I think that Dr. King was much elevated over Malcolm X because even though King spoke truths, Malcolm X spoke them and he did not mince words and unlike what Dr. King spouted about ‘peaceful’ this and ‘peaceful’ that, Malcolm X knew the score. So did King, but he had his reputation of ‘peace’ to keep up with. Power has never been conceded peacefully. Everyone knows that, even Dr. King knew it, but it was Malcolm X who came right out and said it! So, yes indeed, I have much more in common with Malcolm X then with Dr. King.


  3. “Our mothers and fathers invested sweat and blood. Three hundred and ten years we worked in this country without a dime in return — I mean without a dime in return. You let the white man walk around here talking about how rich this country is, but you never stop to think how it got rich so quick. It got rich because you made it rich.”

    Indeed you were right Malcolm X, indeed you ARE right!


      1. Yeah I hear you. Where did our money go? Who took it?? Why after 50 years we see no economic progress? Oh yeah that’s right! We wanted integration instead of economic power. Which is why we have integrated schools,integrated churches a few good jobs and interracial marriages BUT still live in poverty,underemployed and filling up the prisons. Malcolm told us to do for self. But we didn’t want to listen. Now you see the results.


    1. In the United States, slave reparations has often been a controversial topic. Though the House apologized for slavery in 2008 and the Senate in 2009, neither has mentioned reparations for African Americans descended from slavery.
      Back in 2008, then-Senator Barack Obama said he didn’t support reparations, This placed him at odds with the NAACP, the Urban League, SCLC, and more than 20 members of Congress who introduced legislation to create a commission on slavery.

      Of course that ‘puppet’ Obama doesn’t support reparations, his history is not OUR history. He is nothing more than a puppet for those who benefited from slavery. And what I would also like to know is why was not an apology enough for the Japanese? Did the Germans simply apologize to the Jews for the Holocaust and call it even? Hell no! I didn’t think so. They would not have stood for that shit!


      1. *sarcastic voice* Oh No! Not Obama! I thought he loved black folks. I thought he was going to help us when he was (s)elected as President.
        Yeah right! Of course the Japanese would not stand for just an apology. But they feel as though black life is worthless. So they feel they owe us nothing. Everyone thinks they can $hit on black people. Why?? Because we make no demands. Hollywood makes films that insult our ancestors and we don’t speak out. Other races besides whites,make fun of us and we are silent. It’s time to speak up! And DEMAND reparations! Our pain and suffering goes unnoticed by all. There were about 75-80 million Native Americans killed in genocide by whites. Roughly 2-30 million Africans killed during the slave trade. And 6 million Jews killed during the holocaust by Nazis. So why do they get paid—-but we don’t?? Total insanity!!!!!


  4. “Which is why we have integrated schools”

    But how many white kids are rubbing shoulders with Black children who are attending schools in inner cities that have a deplorable public education system? Not many! As for interracial marriages, have you noticed how many white women proudly walk arm-in-arm with a Black man who has ‘made it’? They flock to them like flies on shit, which exactly describes them. If the Black man was dirt poor, they would pass him by on the street and wouldn’t even spit on him if he were on fire to help put it out! As for the poor white women who snuggle up to Black men, the majority of them are the ones the white man wouldn’t even glance at in the first place.


    1. Yeah I se your point. It’s real cool to now say “Race is not the issue anymore. It’s more about class.” In what world do they live in?? Race is still a big issue in this country. They just like to pretend that things are “post-racial” when we’re not even remotely near that utopian fantasy. And since whites have more wealth than us,they just send their kids to private schools when they don’t want them to attend school with “undesirables”. When you have wealth you have POWER. Which means you can create laws that empower your group and your interest. Black folks haven’t learned this yet.
      As for interracial dating/marriage—I think people can date who they want. In my younger years before I was “awake” I had Puerto rican girlfriends in high school and college. Although 80% of my girlfriends were black. I also have family members married to whites and Mexicans. But I don’t hide the fact that I’m not too big on interracial marriage. I don’t think it helps black people in the long run. I don’t like it when black men or women do it. And here in California,I see it five or six couples a day. It’s pretty much everywhere out here. But I do understand the pain and frustration when sistas see a good looking,successful brother walking hand in hand with a “Becky”. When she dumps him she will take half his money and that wealth goes back to the white community. This is something many of these black athletes,actors and singers don’t realize. Don Cornelius is a perfect example. He needed to die before a certain date for his (white)wife could get the majority of his estate. It just so happens he committed “suicide” a month before that date. And she laughed all the way to the bank. When will these guys learn? I’m all about black love. And that’s what I promote on my blog. Black people need each other more than ever right now. I feel as though things are going to get very ugly in the near future. We need to find common ground and unite as a people. For the sake of our children. I know who my enemy is—-and it’s not the black woman.


  5. “There were about 75-80 million Native Americans killed in genocide by whites. Roughly 2-30 million Africans killed during the slave trade. And 6 million Jews killed during the holocaust by Nazis. So why do they get paid—-but we don’t??”

    First of all, what do Africans and the Native Americans have in common? Both have a ‘dark complexion’ and both were minding their own damn business. Now even though the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and the U.S. felt that it had to end the war by dropping bombs on them, the Japanese that were living here still received reparations. Now, what doesn’t make sense is that the Africans were dragged from Africa, never attacked this country and yet their ancestors are treated like a plague that needs to be annihilated. As far as I know, the Japanese were not dragged over here, but hey! What do I know? As for the Jews, haven’t whites always found a way to get paid?


    1. Good point! The bottom line is whites believe everyone should get their just due except US! I believe in karma. Do they?? If they do,they better brace themselves for what’s coming.


  6. Cmon… Let alone blacks and Africa in general – those hypocriicity bastards even didn’t apologize to Japanese ppl for complete destruction of the country and X00 000 of CIVIL japanese ppl with unnecessary capet bombing and napalm + nuking two civil cities with reason to scare and impress the USSR with their ,as always, preogressive “Hi-tech”. Fuking humanists.. crap damn uncle sam christians … :E

    Let alone Vietnam where they destroyed from 8 to 10 000 0000 (!!!) of peope, not talking about chem attacks on nature and earth (it is still poisoned) !!!

    And sure Germans (best friends of many rich Muricans at that time btw) did genocide to Jews – killed approx. 3 000 000 of jews (however exist data that this amount is overrated approx. twicely -i.e. real data of exterminated jews is about 1-1.500 000 of ppl).
    BUT from 27 000 000 of soviet ppl who died during WWII – 15 000 000 was civil people!

    And those fuking 1,5-3 millions of jews – is genocide, but 15 milllions of civil russian \ soviet ppl -no any fucking genocide – that is normal, don’t you know? 😉



    1. The Americans do not care about the many sacrifices that Russia suffered attempting to defeat the Nazis because America loves Nazis. Why else would America bring the Nazis to America and allow them to continue their experiments on unsuspecting human test subjects? America is filled with a sense of supremacy because the whites here do in fact, believe in their ‘supremacy’. If this were not true, America would not be a breeding ground for white supremacists and it is.

      Why the Japanese have not poisoned every single White American that dines at a Japanese restaurant is a mystery to me as payback for the two atomic bombs that were dropped on their cities but apparently, the Japanese are forgiving, unlike me.

      I thank you for your comment.


      1. Exist not bad documentary movie made by oscar owner director Oliver Stone.
        Oliver Stone:

        The doc. series is called “The Untold History of the United States” :

        Imho the story in doc. series is pretty light version of some real historical events, but nevertheless its a good movie series. I dunno if it available anywhere online in english for free. One should search it by his\her own.

        Also exist audio book with the same name. I think that movie is a shorted version of the book, but i’m not sure.

        Here it is:
        The Untold History of the United States – part 1

        The Untold History of the United States – part 2


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